‘I Am Enough’ is an award-winning personal development program created by globally-acclaimed therapist, Marisa Peer. The course RRP is $997 but is available through the website for the incredible discounted price of $397.


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I Am Enough (US & CA) Affiliate Program

Marisa Peer is a leading speaker, bestselling author, and therapist to international celebrities, CEOs, Presidential candidates, and royalty. 

Marisa developed her ‘I Am Enough’ personal development course after observing that the one singular limiting belief that stops people from attracting love, wealth, happiness, and success was the belief that they are not good enough.

‘I Am Enough’ enables people to overcome self-sabotage and unlock phenomenal success in their lives. starts users on this path by inviting them to a free 90-minute webinar with Marisa, followed by the opportunity to access the full course at a great price.

In the 90-minute webinar, Marisa guides her audience through the exact framework that she has used to help some of her patients break through the wall of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and self-shame that they have struggled with, sometimes for their entire lives.

By the end of the 90 minutes, users will be able to:

-Understand WHY they feel like they’re not enough (Marisa will help them find the exact moment and the exact reason they feel this way) 

-Rewire their brain to attract the things that they want most in their life - whether it’s in the areas of wealth, health, or love

-Start on the path to living the life they deserve (but never really thought was possible for them)

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‘I Am Enough’ Product Information

Course Description: I Am Enough is an eight-part online program of motivating modules, engaging videos, rewiring audios, and instructive downloads.

With I Am Enough, it becomes easy to locate and overcome any blocks you have to health, wealth, love and happiness. Neuroscience proves that we can literally rewire our minds. 

So instead of subconsciously sabotaging your success, you can construct new positive beliefs, which take you straight to success like a heat-seeking missile. 

The modules cover key areas that impact your life. You’ll soon see that you can have the success you want, find life’s purpose, attract and maintain wealth, unlock the secrets of your mind and body, and so much more…

Modules for this course include:

#1) Finding and Living Your Purpose

#2) Changing Your Relationship With Money

#3) Secrets Of The Mind

#4) Secrets Of Success and Successful People

#5) Your Relationship With Your Body

#6) Attracting and Maintaining a Loving Relationship

#7) You Are Enough

#8) Having A Powerful Sex Life, All Your Life


Discover that you are enough.


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