Medterra’s industrial hemp is grown and extracted in accordance within the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Each and every CBD product that leaves the facility must be third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality.

Primary Region

United States of America


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Medterra CBD (US) Affiliate Program

Started by a group of individuals passionate about the power of CBD products, Medterra believes CBD should be available to all those in need at an affordable price. Medterra provides customers with true seed to sale purchases. Medterra is proud to be in partnership with the Hemp Pilot Research Program to be able to provide customers quality CBD products in all 50 states and most international countries.

We will provide you with your own tracking links and/or discount codes to include in your ads, to track your sales. Your commission will start at 25% and you can request a higher commission, which will be based on your sales performance. We have a 30-day cookie window with a full in-house marketing and content team to supply you with up-to-date lifestyle and product creatives. We do not outsource our customer service; all of our customer service is based out of Irvine California. We believe in helping the customer along the journey during the whole process, and we believe that you cannot truly do this unless you have well trained individuals, who are well educated in the science of CBD. 

We consider all of our marketers and customers family. We at Medterra are not just building out a team of people to sell CBD, we are here to supply people with a product that we know will change their lives for the better. If you want to be a part of the largest CBD company in the world, and you want to wake up every morning knowing the sales that you are driving, are not only making money for your family, but are also making a difference in the family's lives you are selling too, then you have found your place here at Medterra. 

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