Twenty First Century Herbs

Twenty First Century Herbs

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Leading UK experts providing 100% natural supplements for every lifestyle, including the Award Winning Rhubarb Complex®, a natural digestive formula with our 100k+ happy customers. We also sell other daily essential vitamins and minerals.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Twenty First Century Herbs Affiliate Programme

The UK's Leading Supplier Of All Natural Supplements!

There has never been a better time to earn revenue working with the UK's fastest growing supplement brand. offers premium 100% natural supplements, including the Award Winning Daily Digestive Formula Rhubarb Complex® and Slenderise®, a clinically proven product to help with weight loss/management. There are also a wide range of other essential vitamins, all vegan friendly, gluten free and manufactured here in the UK.

We offer online special offers, major weekly promotions and flash discounts to maximise exposure and revenue generation. All these unbeatable offers are available to partners to take advantage of. has become the alternative brand of choice for online shoppers and is continuing to grow its ranges expanding to women's health and general wellbeing.


Key Points: 

  • 30 day Cookie
  •  High Average Order Value of around £20
  •  Exclusive Promotions and flexibility in activity   
  •  Strong conversion rate and retention 
  •  In-house partnership team and direct dialogue
  •  Regular commission payments

Standard Commission:

  • 12% New Customers
  • 6% Repeat Customers
  • 2% For Voucher, Cashback and Loyalty publishers

Please reach out to us to arrange increased rates in exchange for exposure.

Please note that commission is calculated excluding VAT & Delivery.