Outschool is a marketplace of live, online classes for kids. We help parents find great classes offered outside of regular school. We're offering an attractive 50% commission on new customers (users purchased for the first time) and 6% on regular orders.


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Outschool (US) Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Outschool Affiliate Program

Join the Outschool Affiliate Program and partner with a venture-backed, inspirational learning platform that addresses the challenges and opportunities of kids’ education in the twenty-first century.

With a wide variety of over 140,000+ interactive online classes, it's easy to find the classes that will interest and delight your audience. 

We're offering an attractive 50% commission on new customers (users purchased for the first time) and 6% on regular orders. Note that new customers are only triggered once per user.

Our value:

Outschool is built on the idea that human interactions—both learner (kids ages 3-18) to learner and teacher to learner— around common interests are key to learning. We focus on helping kids pursue their innate curiosity, rather than just passing the next test. This is reflected in the types of classes offered; think Math with Minecraft, or Harry Potter-themed Chemistry! 

Since our classes meet online, there’s also no need to burn time and money traveling to a physical facility for an in-person activity. Anyone can join if they have a fast enough internet connection.

Starting as low as $5 per class, we're well placed to support millions of families across the world.

Our happiness guarantee:

It's important to us that everyone has a positive experience learning with Outschool.  If any issues arise, parents can first try to resolve them directly with the teacher. If there's no satisfactory resolution offered by the teacher, parents let us know and we'll find a way to make it right.

Outschool also supports several refund policies, which are visible when a parent enrolls.

Commission structure:

  • 50% commission for all New Buyers
  • 6% commission for all purchases

For successful publishers that drive a higher volume of new buyers, we will be more than happy to offer increased commissions/flat fees!

Promotional material:

We have a wide selection of graphic banners and videos to choose from. These can be tailored to your requested dimensions. You can find these promotional materials here. 

If you would like custom creative material, please feel free to reach out to us with your request and we will do our best to accommodate.

Questions? Get in touch:

If there is anything else you’d like to know about the Outschool Affiliate Program or to discuss partnership opportunities, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Jake Stivers, affiliate manager.