Your Everlasting Rose Natural, Everlasting, Eco FriendlyWe plant one tree with every purchase, we believe luxury doesn't have to cost the earth."Think Globally, Act Locally"#EcoLuxury

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30 Days

Your Everlasting Rose Affiliate Programme

Your Everlasting Rose

Reasons to promote Your Everlasting Rose

We first launched online in November 2018 and since then have been expanding our online sales, we have a clear ethos around offering a luxurious and environmentally conscious business.

We sell roses grown on the volcanic foothills of Ecuador which are preserved to everlast for a minimum of one year!

We also have a partnership with Green Earth Appeal where we plant one tree with every rose product; (

We deliver high standards and are expecting to grow our online sales with our uncompromisable standards. 

Your Everlasting Rose: Natural, Everlasting, Eco Friendly

We plant one tree with every purchase, we believe luxury doesn't have to cost the earth.

"Think Globally, Act Locally"


Join us for...

  • Generous commission plus regular sale events and discounts to boost sales on our more expensive product!
  • An evergrowing range of items suitable for the budget of any follower. 
  • High conversion rates and growing volumes of sales each month.
  • New brand eager to grow online.
  • Regular updates to the program with news and latest offers by email.
  • Dynamically updated feeds to keep you constantly up to date.
  • Reactive account manager to assist with all of your queries.

New and Exclusive Brand

We are a new brand online keen and ready to grow and expand astronomically! 

Our Products

We offer an extensive range of rose products available in glass, card, heart shaped, we also offer accessories which boost sales and growth. 

Your Everlasting Wedding ****

This March we are launching Your Everlasting Wedding - flowers which double up as gifts or can be kep looking beautiful in your home long after th eBIG day. Why spend 1000's on flowers and never see them again? Your Everlasting Roses are perfect as a dining table centrepiece, on your living room coffee table or desk at work! Keep a reminder of your special day in a vase on your dressing table with your bouquet!  Influencers who are recently engaged might suit this oppotunity the most or who are planning a wedding.


Average order value of £50.

Cookie Length

Cookie length of 30 days.


  • UK Delivery On All Orders via Royal Mail (currently)
  • FREE UK Delivery Over £50
  • International Delivery Available


  • No returns, all items are individually made for each customer 

Cashback & Loyalty Affiliates

Please note Cashback and Loyalty affiliates will not be given commission:

  • In conjunction with a Voucher Code (including Student Discount codes

Commission Rates

  • Competitive commission structure.
  • Goods returned within the 30 day returns period will not receive a commission payment.
  • A commission is paid excluding VAT and P&P on the final transaction amount after all discounts have been applied.
  • Your Everlasting Rose are happy to consider offering private commissions and rewards for the right level of exposure. If you feel this is of interest please contact us.

CONTACT US: or call us on 07821127511 or 079