GAMIVO - Who are we? A revolutionary marketplace for digital products run by gamers for gamers! The fastest-growing marketplace for digital games on the market. We are focused to bring you the best and safe platform for all digital transactions.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Gamivo (US) Affiliate Program is a platform for gamers and everyone looking for digital goods at the best price. Since its humble beginnings in 2017, the company has established a strong market position and built a constantly growing client base of almost 5 million registered customers and over 1,000 suppliers. Most of them are from the United States and Western Europe, but the platform is available worldwide and has users all around the world. Main advantages over the competition:


  1. high conversion rate of over 10%;
  2. open commission structure - the more active you promote us, the more we’re willing to pay;
  3. attractive consumer offers and deals for the end users;
  4. top-notch LTV = more revenue and commissions per acquired user;


GAMIVO's users appreciate an incredible range of 120 thousand products, including video games for every platform, useful software, subscriptions, and gift cards for popular online shops and streaming services. We put emphasis on UX/UI design, constantly improving our platform to provide the most intuitive and flawless shopping experience. To make our service more accessible and friendly, we currently support eight language versions of our website: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and Polish. Moreover, the platform offers additional benefits, including GAMIVO SMART, a subscription service tailored for the most avid gamers. We're also running the GAMIVO Influencer Programme, which allows both experienced and new content creators to become GAMIVO ambassadors.


Last but not least, as a publicly traded company, GAMIVO is a reliable partner, conducting joint marketing campaigns with renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Plarium, Wargaming, and PayPal, to name only a few. This way, we can offer otherwise unavailable promotions, increasing brand awareness and the loyalty of our existing users.