Developed in Great Britain, Tru-Diamonds™ is the world’s premier brand of non-mined, earth-friendly, simulated diamond jewelry - with over 100,000 delighted customers in the United Kingdom alone and many more all over the globe.

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United States of America


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30 Days


Tru-Diamonds USA Affiliate Program

TRU-DIAMONDS™ - Jewellery's Best Kept Secret

Tru-Diamonds™ are the luxurious, ethically produced super-gems that are so much like top quality mined diamonds even your jeweler won't know when you're wearing them.

Welcome to the Tru-Diamonds™ USA Affiliate Program!

Tru Diamonds™ appeals to customers who want to buy luxury jewelry at affordable prices.  Tru-Diamonds™ has an extensive range of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that feature genuine Tru-Diamonds™ set in 18ct Gold, or Platinum, clad on a solid core of sterling silver.

Customer Benefit

  • 90 Day Risk-Free Trial, 100% refund and Lifetime Warranty
  • 3 x Easy Pay Interest-Free Installments
  • New Website that includes Real-Time Stock Availability and Delivery Times.

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  • Starter program 15% on all sales
  • Premium program 17.5% on all sales plus incentives
  • Validation Period 120 Days due to high AOV and 90 Day Return Policy

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