The Healthy Mummy empowers Mums to live a healthier life - whether they need help across pregnancy, weight loss, meal planning, exercise, kids’ nutrition, general health or healthy family recipes.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


The Healthy Mummy UK Ltd Affiliate Programme

The Healthy Mummy is about healthy and REALISTIC weight loss and healthy living. It is about empowering mums to learn about healthy food, healthy living and doing it in a supportive environment.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is a fully interactive and online customisable meal and exercise plan with over 4,000 recipes, over 350 exercise videos and 24/7 support. Each month there’s a brand new challenge theme and there are hundreds of thousands of mums on the Challenge.

The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are healthy meal replacements that are breastfeeding friendly and contain NO artificial ingredients or added sugar. It is recommended by doctors and midwives. 

Summary of our Affiliate Program

  • 10% Commission
  • 30 day tracking cookie period, plenty of time for the referred visitor to make a sale and you still get credited with a commission
  • Open to all promotional methods except PPC and Facebook advertising.
  • Open to custom marketing collaborations
  • Ongoing Promotions
  • Mobile-optimised website.

Program Terms

All traffic sources must be approved by The Healthy Mummy, if you wish to add another website or change the previous accepted one, please update your traffic source.
We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or remove an Affiliate partner from this program at any time without notice if the website contains: adware, post-view tracking (only post-click cookies are allowed), content that is abusive.
No PPC advertising campaigns including Facebook PPC.

Affiliate Guidelines
Authenticity is key to our brand. Here are a few basic rules to bear in mind when communicating with your online following in regard to The Healthy Mummy:

  • Affiliates are not to contact any brands to ask them to share affiliate links 
  • All contact to brands must be through Healthy Mummy HQ. This is to ensure correct procedures are followed 
  • Affiliates should not post links on any brands or Healthy Mummy national pages, groups or social channels 
  • Creating new ‘Healthy Mummy’ branded pages or groups is prohibited without expressed permission from Healthy Mummy Head Office 
  • Ensure all online conduct is done with highest level of integrity and professionalism to ensure our brand is represented in the right way.

We look forward to working with you! The Healthy Mummy