At ingenie, we're all about supporting learners and young drivers in their journey onto the roads. As a telematics box insurance provider, we treat our customers as individuals and reward them based on how well they drive - not on how others might drive.

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United Kingdom


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30 Days


Ingenie Affiliate Programme

ingenie offers temporary Learner driver insurance and telematics box insurance for Young drivers.

Before publishers promote the brand on their site, they must contact ingenie ( first for sign off to approve the use of creatives, copy and links. Please note that publishers will be provided with a unique referral code to attach to the destination URL as part of the creatives, to ensure all activity is tracked correctly.

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Learner driver insurance: £10 per confirmed policy

Young driver insurance: £30 per confirmed policy


The following copy can be used by publishers to promote ingenie on their site.

(Please refer to the ingenie Welcome Pack in the Documents section for guidelines and terms.)


ingenie was created to make car insurance more affordable for young drivers. Insurers knew that people under 25 crashed more, so they would charge more for insurance to cover the risk. Although the statistics backed up the claims, it meant good drivers were being unfairly offered high premiums too. 

We thought it was about time insurers stopped judging people on their age and started using technology to solve the problem - while giving control back to safe drivers. 


Black box main copy:

With ingenie insurance, you can earn money back for good driving. With an ingenie box in your car, you’ll get driving feedback every 10 days on your speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and speed along with a driving score out of 100. The higher the score, the bigger the discount! 

We want drivers to stay safe on the roads, and get the most out of their car insurance. And it works - as 7 out of 10 ingenie drivers get money back on their policy. 

With ingenie's black box car insurance, you can save upfront, earn up to 21% off by getting discounts 3 times a year by driving well, and also save at renewal.


Learner insurance main copy:

ingenie's mission is to help learners get road-ready with affordable and fuss-free learner driver insurance. Choose from two learner insurance options:

- Short term flexible learner insurance for when you're practising in someone else's car. Choose from 1-6 months of cover and top up if you need more. The car owner’s No Claims Discount is protected, and there’s a much lower excess to pay.

- Black box insurance if you've already got your car sorted. Earn up to 21% off in insurance discounts, just by driving well.

The road is waiting, let's go.


General main copy (applies to both learner products and black box):

ingenie’s mission is to make insurance affordable for learners, new drivers and experienced drivers alike by rewarding good driving.

ingenie’s black box insurance provides regular driving feedback along with the chance to save upfront, earn discounts 3 times a year, and save at renewal, just by driving well.

ingenie's learner insurance is a flexible learner policy that allows learners to practise in someone else’s car for 1-6 months, with the option to top up if they need more time, while protecting the car owner’s No Claims Discount.

There’s something for everyone – see how much you could save.


What ingenie figured new drivers need:

  • Insurance they can afford
  • Advice on learning to drive the best way
  • Support as they start driving alone for the first time
  • Easy and flexible ways to manage their insurance
  • Recognition for driving well


Flexible Learner driver insurance: 

  • Learn in someone else’s car from £1.49* a day
  • Car owner’s NCD is protected - avoid the family row
  • Choose from 1 to 6 months cover
  • Call at any time to extend or easily upgrade to our new driver insurance once you pass your test
  • Free learner app to track progress

*Average daily price based on all policies sold between July 2020 and October 2020.

ingenie's black box Learner insurance: 

  • Insurance for learners in their own car
  • Black box with regular driving feedback to help you improve
  • Earn discounts of up to 21%*
  • Savings on renewal too
  • No extra cost when they pass their test
  • ingenie Feedback App

*Premium increases could apply for poor driving.

ingenie black box insurance: 

  • Black box with regular driving feedback to help you improve
  • Earn discounts of up to 21%*
  • Savings on renewal too
  • ingenie Feedback App

*Premium increases could apply for poor driving.


Short copy for flexible Learner insurance

(Driving someone else's car - no ingenie box): 

ingenie Learner Insurance - Flexible and fully comprehensive cover from 1 to 6 months

ingenie Learner Insurance - Practise driving in someone else's car and protect the car owner's No Claims Discount along the way

ingenie Learner Insurance - Drive someone’s car from £1.41 a day* while you're still learning on the road 

*Average daily price based on all policies sold between July 2020 and October 2020.


Short copy for Learner and black box insurance

(Driving your own car - ingenie box):

ingenie Car Insurance - Rewarding good drivers with money off their car insurance 

ingenie Car Insurance - Temporary insurance for learners, and annual insurance for learners, new and experienced drivers 

ingenie Car Insurance - Earn money back for good driving, with more savings at renewal