Forged in 1983, with the birth of the iconic Animal Pak, over more than three decades Animal has evolved from a simple strength training supplement brand, to an ethos for living. Dedicated to supplying, educating, motivating and inspiring our customers.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

AnimalPak (US) Affiliate Program

Now for the first time, the iconic Animal Pak and all Animal products, are available to brand enthusiasts and affiliate marketers. Earn revenue with Animal; the top strength training supplements brand.

From our founding more than three decades ago, Animal has evolved from a simple bodybuilding supplement brand to an ethos for living – we provide products of quality and value that strengthen our customers. And like our athletes and ambassadors we educate, motivate, inspire and empower people everywhere to live strong and healthy lives without limit or exception.

True to its blue collar Jersey roots, Animal is first and foremost a family company. And that sense of brotherhood and loyalty informs every incarnation of Animal, from The Cage to The FORVM, from the Animal Barbell Club to our dedicated staff of Brand Enthusiasts. We put our fellow strength athlete, and their goals, first in all that we do. And now we are inviting affiliates and ambassadors into our fold, looking to build long term relationships with like-minded partners.

Program Summary

  • Iconic AnimalPak mutli-vitamin packs
  • Vitamins & Supplements: Paks, Powders, Bars & Stacks
  • Apparel & Accessories: Animal Gear
  • 7% Commission on ALL products
  • High Average Order Value of over $80
  • 30 day Cookie
  • Exclusive Promotions for affiliates
  • In-house partnership team
  • Strong customer experience team
  • Our employees use our products
  • Regular commission payments
  • site is mobile responsive enabling sales across all devices 

Animal can offer you an exceptional sales opportunity and association with a brand and culture that exemplifies excellence and achievement. Our athletes includes weight lifting champions Evan Centopani, Stefi Cohen, Derek Lundsford and many more as we support the full breadth from professionals, to amateurs, to enthusiasts and those who just want to live a healthy and passionate lifestyle.

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We’d love to have you join our team and look forward to working with you in the future.