SAFEJAWZ protects thousands of athletes around the World, from grassroots level up to World Champions. Whether you are looking for a self-fit (Boil & Bite) mouthguard, or a bespoke, custom-fit hand made gum shield - we have you covered. #confidencewithin


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Safe Jawz Affiliate Programme

SAFEJAWZ protects thousands of athletes around the World, from grassroots level to elite professionals. We produce both self-fit (boil & bite) gum shields as well as custom-fit (hand made) mouthguards. Our Custom-fit mouthguards are a fast growing product that can be ordered online saving up to 70% off what they may pay a dentist.


As a SAFEJAWZ partner, it's not just about earning commission; it is about inspiring confidence in athletes to fulfil their true potential. A confident athlete is one that will reach their potential faster and this is what the SAFEJAWZ brand facilitates.

We have proven this by equipping some of the world's top professional athetes with the best protection available. World Champion Boxers, UFC Champions & International Rugby Stars are competing at the higest levels and trust SAFEJAWZ above all others.

We are looking for affiliates who:, 

  • Are keen to promote the use of proper protection in sport
  • Share our vision to inspire confidence in athletes
  • Have a an engaged audience that participate in contact sports including Rugby, Boxing, Hockey & Martial Arts amongst others.

Booming Mouthguard Market:

There has never been a better time to earn revenue by parnering with a sports protection brand like SAFEJAWZ. The market for sports mouthguards is rapidly expanding as more sports mandate the use of gum shields and the products that we offer have accelerated a trend in personalisation amongst athletes. SAFEJAWZ have become synonymous with customised mouthguards and our innovative design tool offers unlimited customisation.


In addition to offering exclusive offers and discounts we work on the following incentives:

  • 10% commission
  • High and Growing Average Order Value (Over £30)
  • Strong Conversion Rate
  • Excellent Customer Engagement Rates (Just search #safejawzselfie)
  • Unlimited Design Options using our Online Design Tool
  • Average 30 day Cookie
  • FAST Commission Payments