The spirit of Italy distilled into the modern wardrobe.Alessandra Zavetti is an online store features Men's apparel including premium tees, denim and outerwear.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Zavetti Affiliate Programme

The only thing more important than your outfit - is living your life.

The spirit of Italy distilled into the modern wardrobe. A nation revered for its sophistication, ‘sprezzatura’ – the art of studied carelessness, spans it’s tailoring and sportswear. It’s where art and function come together to create something more than the sum of its parts – where perfection is in the interaction between garment and situation; in fading dyes, end-of-event creasing and unscheduled weather. It’s knowing your style holds up to whatever life throws at it.


Alessandro Zavetti

It’s in the jeans. Alessandro Zavetti updates classic pieces, each season refining the best contemporary trends, evolving with the industry but always rooted in the backbone of the modern casual wardrobe: denim. Alessandro Zavetti uses modern fabrics and Italian tailoring to take streetwear somewhere fresh and exciting. Our collection of t-shirts are the perfect layer during the winter months but are just as suited to an afternoon on a beach in Ibiza. By pairing our t-shirts with our signature denim collection you'll create a classic look that needs no introduction.


Zavetti Canada

Don’t brave it, embrace it. Zavetti Canada takes advantage of the elements to create collections inspired by fashion heritage, fit for the outdoors. The result is pieces that are even better in practice than they are in theory. Zavetti Canada is your mountain range. Whether you're repping a Zavetti Canada coat on the streets in London or in the Alps, make sure you wear it with a purpose.


Programme Highlights

  • Daily Updated product feeds
  • Industry standard sized banners
  • Free UK Shipping on all £30+ orders
  • No new customer/ Existing Customer differentiating rates
  • 30 Day Cookie period
  • Direct Account assistance

Zavetti tracks on AWIN at an AOV of £97.00

Affiliates who brand bid without permission will see their first warning served, commissions declined for this period and as a final resort, account suspension.

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