Feast Box is ambitious cooking, made simple— a home delivery recipe box that makes authentic world food accessible to everyone, sending you weeknight-friendly recipe cards along with all the fresh and hard-to-find ingredients & spices needed to cook them.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

FeastBox Affiliate Programme

Taste the world in your kitchen with Feast Box, a commitment-free subscription service specialising in global cuisines. Feast Box deliver weeknight-friendly recipe cards with straightforward instructions and ingenious tips, along with all the pre-measured, authentic ingredients sourced from every continent and delivered straight to your door. 

Whether or not you can whip up wontons like a local, Feast box will show you something new in the kitchen, speed up your preparation time, free up your fridge space, and connect you with the exciting ingredients, developed and sourced by a team of dedicated experts.


Please note, commision cannot be claimed on our British Airways Box.