CloudCover provides businesses with licensed, ad-free, music curated to enhance customer engagement. Our cloud-based platform allows you to manage streams of music and promotional messaging across 1000s of locations, all from a single interface.

Primary Region

United States of America


Cloud Cover Music US Affiliate Program

Disrupting the B2B Streaming Music Marketplace.

What we do: Cloud Cover is a B2B Streaming Music Service that effectively solves many common legal, technical, operational and marketing challenges at a significant cost savings to the business. Our platform provides fully-licensed, ad-free music and messaging, curated to enhance customer engagement. Our cloud-based service allows you to manage streams of music and promotional messaging across multiple locations, all from a single interface.


  • Simple Pricing: Pay per Stream. Add or subtract locations as you need them. No hidden costs or contracts.
  • Simple Interface: Manage playlists, custom mixes, multiple streams and locations all from one cloud-based console.
  • Simple Licensing: Fully-licensed streams cover ASCAP, BMI, Global Music, SoundExchange, & Resound.
  • Customer Engagement: Manage multiple streams of music and promotional messaging with a click.
  • Mobile Streaming: Stream with any mobile or desktop device from a cloud-based console.
  • Zone Management: Target and engage customers in different locations with Zone Management.
  • Location Monitoring: Enforce brand standards and compliance across an entire network of locations.
  • Custom Mixing: Curate and control your brand's music experience for each of your locations.
  • Campaign Reporting: Download time-series reports to track messaging campaigns back to sales.


Program Benefits:

Cloud Cover pays $20 commission per free trial with 30 days tracking.

We service retail businesses of all types and sizes, from small, single-location mom n' pop shops to franchise businesses with 1000's of locations.

This is easy money if you get our message in front of the right people. No obligation, no contracts, no CC, just 60 seconds to trial.


Industries of focus:

Property Developers / Property Managers, Bars & Restaurants, Brick & Mortar Retail, Hotels & Hospitality, Wireless Providers, Car Dealerships


We are here to support you:

We can build landing pages and web banners or write scholarly articles on music therapy / consumer behavior if you are interested in developing an affiliate partnership.



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