Pascoe Canada is the Canadian distributor of herbal line of PASCOE, a family-run manufacturer in Germany with 125 years of history. The unique bio-regulatory approach and our dedication to research set PASCOE far above any other company.


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Pascoe (Canada) Affiliate Program

The Pascoe Canada Affiliate Program is evolving to take advantage of market changes in order to support our partners and customers to improve their health and life quality with natural health Products. with over 125 years of passion in naturopathy, we have been watching a change in society for a long time: People's continually growing desire for healthcare that is natural and low in side effects and simultaneously develops a strong effect to improve health and life quality. As a result, the needs of our customers give us our direction.

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Why do customers prefer Pascoe Products?

  • 120 years of Natural healthcare

Pascoe Canada is dedicated to bringing our users premium natural healthcare products with over 120 years of history. Pascoe’s history dates back to the pharmacy founded by Friedrich Pascoe in 1895 and later the company was founded in 1918. Since 1961, Pascoe has done a lot of researches on its products and presently continues to invest a high amount of its gross sales into research. The company is currently owned and operated by the third generation of the family in the business and the products are distributed in over 30 countries world-wide

The diversity of our product selection reflects and works to reach the complex and diverse needs for health products.

  • Health Canada approved

Pascoe Canada Inc. is site-licensed with Health Canada’s Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate and we have received registrations of Natural Product Numbers (NPN) or Drug Identification Numbers – Homeopathic Medicines (DIN-HM) for our products.

  • The Bioregulatory Concept

There are many homeopathic products on the market, but the unique bioregulatory approach coupled with our dedication to research and development set Pascoe far above any other company. The term Bioregulatory Homeopathy was originally coined by the Biological Medicine Pioneer Helmut Schimmel in the 1960’s. It refers to the use of low potency (including mother tincture) homeopathic combinations to modulate specific biological functions. Pascoe’s unique formulations can be used either symptomatically or as part of a system.

  • Quality Claim for over 120 years

A strong corporate culture is needed to be competitive and well equipped to meet the demands of the future in a toughly competitive globalized world. We are pioneers here, too.

  1. Our drugs are subject to several quality inspections from the plant in the field through to the finished drug
  2. Carefully selecting seeds is the basis of Pascoe quality.
  3. We only use high-quality raw materials for our herbal and homeopathic drugs. We grow most of the plants in our region around mid-Hessian Giessen.
  4. In as far as possible, the medicinal plants are cultivated under organic conditions. We attach importance to dispensing with pesticides and herbicides.

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We are excited to work with partners that promote and grow our Consumer line up!

Why Promote Pascoe Canada?

Direct Revenue Sharing: 8% commission on every sale with the opportunity for higher rates on a per partner basis
Product feed: the Pascoe Canada affiliate program provided the partners with a complete product feed in both English and French
Long Lasting Cookies: With a cookie life of 30 days, our affiliate program allows you to continue earning revenue when customers return weeks later to make additional purchase.
Product banners: Affiliates have access to the variety range of banners for all our products available on the Pascoe Canada Affiliate program

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