m/f is more than a lifestyle brand - it's a state of mind. our aesthetic is clean, calm, and effortlessly cool. From our classic tees to our professional grade skincare, we make what you need to live your most comfortable life.

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About m/f people

m/f people is more than a lifestyle brand - it's a state of mind. Our aesthetic is clean, calm, and effortlessly cool. With over 30 years of industry experience, m/f people offers professional-grade skincare and premium apparel using modern-classic designs. We source only the finest fabrics, materials and ingredients so you can live your most comfortable life. Feel better and most like yourself with m/f people.


About our founder

In the late spring of 2015, our founder, Greg Alterman, found himself at home for six months, convalescing after a brain hemorrhage. The hemorrhage made Greg highly sensitive to visual noise—vibrant colors, branding on products, and clutter. He realized that in order to support his healing, he needed to bring a sense of calm to his environment. He carefully decluttered the house he shares with his wife and four children, reducing all that was visible down to beloved essentials that contributed a feeling of calm.

Suddenly, a sense of serenity had finally arrived. Out of this great peace, Greg began to experience a desire to create a company founded on the principles that he had applied to his home: an emphasis on owning just a handful of valued things—items that earn their place in our lives, have incredible craftsmanship, exceptional performance, calming design, and the ability to service all. Clothes built to last and crafted from the softest materials on earth. Daily essential items that live with us so quietly and so comfortably that they disappear. Allowing the eye to focus on family, on nature and sharpening an awareness of the present moment to step forward.


Benefits of joining m/f people's Affiliate Program:

  • 15% payouts per transaction with the opportunity to earn more. 
  • Access to the internal marketing team for support.
  • Access to world-class design team for email + banner support.
  • Extra rewards for top-performing Affiliate Partners.

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