Bramwell Brown Weather Clocks not only tell the time they also forecast the weather and will make you smile!

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Hello from Bramwell Brown!

Who are we?

We make Weather Clocks - They tell the time, forecast the Weather and make you smile! 

Bramwell Brown Clocks was Co-Founded by a brother and sister duo, Rob & Sarah with the simple plan to reinvent the traditional barometer. Headquarterd in London, its home is a creative corner of Somerset House. Whilst its curious clocks are handmade at the workshop based in sunny Hampshire, England.

What's a barometer, again?

A barometer is a quirky weather forecasting instrument used around the world for over 100 years but never updated in a way that made it more relevant to the modern home. It relies on air-pressure changes to say if it's going to rain or shine. You might remember seeing older generations tapping on them to make the little needle move around the dial!

Tell me about Bramwell Brown's Weather Clock

After several years of designing, prototyping and playing around with whizzing cogs and moving parts, the Bramwell Brown Weather Clock was launched. It's since been selling well, gaining a cult following for several years with Limited Edition variants being regularly released.

The clock is designed, like a barometer, to react to natural atmospheric pressure changes inside your home. Its movements are, though, a lot more exciting than a barometer's with three layers of mechanical scenery displaying five different weather forecasts throughout the day: 'Very Dry', 'Fair', 'Change', 'Rain' and 'Stormy'. In effect every Weather Clock has a little theatre of moving clouds inside the clock face to make you smile whatever the weather. It's designed to be contemporary, engaging and a fabulous addition to any home that might be starved of anything else mechanical or analogue.

Who are Bramwell Brown's customers?

Originally selling predominantly in retailers and department stores around the UK to weather-obsessed customers, the business has been steadily focusing on B2C sales over the last few years. The clock's eye catching design and totally unique function means that Bramwell Brown's most enthusiastic customers tend to be:

  • House proud and design savvy >28 y.o individuals with disposable income
  • Those looking for a really special or unique gift for a loved one 
  • Mums or Dads wanting something special for a family room that all ages can enjoy
  • Weather buffs 

Clock details

A handmade Weather Clock starts from £350 including free UK-delivery. 

The clocks come in two sizes: 

  • Regular (33cm / 13inches diameter & 12.5cm / 4.9inches deep)
  • Large (53cm / 20.8inches diameter & 12.5cm / 4.9inches deep)

Commission Structure

  • 6% on all sales
  • Average Basket Value £370
  • 30 day cookie period
  • Product Feed 
  • A full range of banners available