Nomow is the UK’s leading supplier and installer of artificial grass. Artificial grass is a great product and is a growing industry. Our high-quality artificial grasses are suitable for a variety of customers.


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Nomow is the UK’s leading supplier and installer of artificial grass. We have been operating for nearly 20 years and our experience has allowed us to create a fantastic customer journey with high-quality products.

Artificial grass is a brilliant product for homeowners and businesses. The industry has been growing year on year, as more and more people realise the benefits of artificial grass. Artificial grass is best used in areas where natural grass struggles to grow, such as high use areas or locations that don’t receive much sunlight. It can also be used to brighten up grey and dull concrete or tarmac areas. All our artificial grasses are child and pet friendly.

We have an online shop with a full range of artificial grasses and a comprehensive set of accessories. Our products are suitable for everyone from landscapers and construction workers, to individuals completing small DIY Projects. We have helpful DIY guides available on our website and a user friendly online shop.

Nomow Artificial Grass is a very varied and diversified business, meaning that we can offer a range of opportunities to a number of different types of publishers. As well as an online shop, we have an installations service available. Many individuals opt for Nomow to install the artificial grass, making the whole process very smooth with a professional high-quality finish.

Artificial Grass is loved by;

  • Homeowners with small or large gardens
  • Families
  • Pet lovers
  • Schools
  • Local authorities
  • DIYers
  • Architects
  • Gardeners
  • Sports facility developers
  • Landscapers

We also have additional products available such as an Artificial Grass Small World, loved by teachers and parents. As well as an exciting range of Artificial Grass Doormats, which can really spruce up home interiors and are an amazing home décor product.