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Roche Diabetes Care (US) CLOSING 05-01-19

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Roche Diabetes Care, maker of Accu-Chek products, is a leading provider of blood sugar monitoring systems. With 40+ yrs experience, our goal is to help people living with diabetes track & manage their blood sugar for better control of their health.

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United States of America


Roche Diabetes Care (US) CLOSING 05-01-19 Affiliate Program

Accu-Chek is a leader in blood glucose monitoring systems in the US. Through well-established relationships with healthcare professionals, governments, and institutions in healthcare systems, we are able to meet the complex and changing needs of people with diabetes and their healthcare providers with highly innovative products and diabetes management solutions. We continually strive to create new products and resources to help fit better blood sugar control into our customers' lifestyles.

Roche is a company with a proud history and continued commitment to innovation. Our products and services aim to make a difference by helping improve quality of life. Roche offers a broad range of diagnostic tests and systems that play a pivotal role in the groundbreaking area of integrated healthcare solutions. Our products cover the early detection, targeted screening, evaluation and monitoring of a variety of health issues.


Our new Guide SimplePay Subscription program continues to build on that innovation.

The Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay Subscription program gives individuals the ability to pay the same low price for test strips without having to go through insurance. Plus, it comes with a free Accu-Chek Guide Meter. No prescription is necessary.

We are looking for partnerships with publishers and websites that represent our brand well, can deliver results, as well as highlight the great benefits and cost savings of our subscription program.

Benefits of joining the Roche Diabetes Care (US) program:

·       Flexible subscription options (6 different strip quantities, 3 different delivery frequencies)

·       $20 commission on all completed orders

·       30-day cookie period

·       Easy-to-use landing page and simple checkout process

·       Dedicated affiliate management resource

·       Market leader in the US blood glucose meter space

·       Promotional materials available

*if the sale is deemed valid and the Accu-Chek product has not been returned within 45 days of purchase.* 

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