Shadow is the new evolution of computers. Always upgraded and updated, Shadow is a subscription-based Windows 10 PC running on the latest hardware

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United States of America


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30 Days

Shadow US Affiliate Program

Shadow US Affiliate Program


Become a Shadow affiliate and get paid! Shadow provides assets and custom tracked coupon codes that you can place on your website. We're there to help you set up your affiliation campaign and we're fully transparent with the follow-up of your sales.


What is Shadow?


A high-end gaming PC that's always there when you need it.


Shadow allows you to turn any screen into a high-end gaming PC, through a simple app. You access a personal Windows 10 PC by just logging in to your account, on any PC, Mac, smartphone or even TV. Instead of purchasing an expensive machine that will eventually become obsolete and require upgrades, you can just stream the image and sound from your Shadow PC, which is upgraded for free!