We supply discounted brand new and quality used cars together with multiple finance options from multiple lenders. We operate a no preferred lender policy meaning we always get the customer the best possible finance options across different loan types.

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United Kingdom


Fair Square Affiliate Programme

FairSquare was set up to change the car buying experience. To truly put customers in the driving seat and give them confidence in every aspect of the journey.

On one site and online journey customers can search through 1000s of discounted brand new and used cars all from the very best and largest dealer groups in the UK. All cars come either with a Manufacturer Warranty or Dealer Group Warranty. The customer can then Create an Account and see Likely / Example offers from a panel of lenders on their chosen car / cars. FairSquare run a soft credit search which gives customers a full and impartial view of the different lenders, loan types and rates they are likely to get based on their credit history for their car / cars of choice. FairSquare have the key lender criteria and thus can do this without passing any data to the lenders at this stage.

Once the customer is happy with the chosen car they are able to generate Confirmed Offers from the lenders. The lenders are passed the customer data and then come back in real time and FairSquare display their best bids to the customer. The customer can then choose which lender to proceed with. After the customer has gone through the conversion process which includes a Selfie / Driving License photo etc then FairSquare deliver the car to the customer at the customers convenience! Typically the car can be delivered with 3-5 working days.

If the customer is not happy with the car for whatever reason then they have 14 days to simply unwind the agreement from when they received the car. The customer will be put back into the very same position they were in before they decided to proceed with the purchase. FairSquare will pick up the car.

With FairSquare, customers get discounted new and quality used cars with the best possible rate finance delivered to them and they don't have to leave their sofa! FairSquare have a zero preferred lender policy and charge the lenders a lower than market broker fee. Thus unlike other brokers and dealers we ensure the rates offered to customers are always the best available to them.

FairSquare is looking to work closely with Publishers and build a long term relationship with them. Over the coming weeks and months more products,features and customer journeys will be added which will create even more opportunities for publishers. FairSquare want to invest into publishers who will invest into us. As such FairSquare are offering its publishers a flat £200 for each customer conversion regardless of the car type / loan type / amount etc. This compared to other operators in this space is high and we really hope you will give us a good push. 

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