PocketSmith is an online money manager that puts you in the driver's seat with a clear and continuous view of your past, present, and future finances. With PocketSmith you can manage your budgets and plan for your future up to 30 years in advance.

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United States of America


PocketSmith (US) Affiliate Program

PocketSmith is available in most countries and we welcome affiliate partners from all over the world.

Benefits of joining the PocketSmith Program

  • Great conversion rates and high customer satisfaction.
  • We have three billing regions and pay $10 commission relative to the billing currency.
  • Your commissions will be paid in US$ and therefore your commissions may sometimes vary depending on the location of your referral.
  • If your referrals pay in US$ then you will get US$10.
  • If your referrals pay in AU$ then you will get US$7.
  • If your referrals pay in NZ$ then you will get US$6.50.

PocketSmith is a complete money management solution

PocketSmith connects to over 14,000 banks worldwide to automatically download and categorize transactions from your bank, credit card and loan accounts. It sorts and analyses your financial activity without the need for manual tracking. Think of it as a contemporary accounting application that is tuned for your personal finances.

PocketSmith is highly customizable so you can generate the reports you want. Check out a selection of the features below.

Secure automatic bank feeds

  • Connect to banks all over the world and track accounts in multiple currencies.
  • Add notes, labels, files, and pictures to your transactions, and further customize the automated categorization using rules and filters.
  • Find transactions quickly with a powerful multi-criteria search engine and saved searches.

Powerful budgeting, tracking, and reporting

  • Build budgets your way with your own categories, flexible budget periods, nesting and roll-ups.
  • If you’re short on time, use Auto-budget to predict your budgets based on historical spending.
  • Track your overall and per-category spending on the Trends page.
  • Get better clarity across your finances with Income & Expense, Cashflow, and Net Worth statements.

Forecast of your daily account balances up 30 years into the future

  • See your finances in a calendar.
  • See future outcomes based on your current budgeted spend.
  • Create and test what-if scenarios.

Basic, Premium and Super subscriptions.

PocketSmith currently offers 3 subscription levels:

  • Basic is a free plan that tracks 2 accounts and manual transaction importing. 6-month forecast.
  • Premium tracks up to 10 accounts with automatic bank feeds, with a 10-year forecast.
  • Super tracks an unlimited number of accounts with automatic bank feeds and offers a 30-year forecast.

All PocketSmith users have access to our comprehensive Learn Centre as well as stellar customer service team.

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