Wildlink brings referral commissions to the masses. Now anyone can participate in affiliate networks and earn when their recommendations turn into sales. Your opinion has value and Wildlink is helping you claim that value.

Primary Region

United States of America


In order to claim a reward commission for a newly referred-in Wildlink user, the referring publisher must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Have their referrer ID associated with the very first device created by the referred-in user (since, if the user has previously registered a device with Wildlink, the user is not new and the referral is less valuable)

  2. The referred-in user must have associated sales that total at least $10 (since we want to disincentivize users from making trivial purchases for the purpose of gaining the reward commission)

  3. The referred-in user must have created an account (registered their phone number) before the most recent purchase (since our process to check for rewards is only triggered when a new transaction is registered)

Global Levels for Wildlink (US)
The global levels are the performance criteria that adjusts the level of commission a publisher earns. It affects the commission group level on all commission groups except those marked with an asterisk. The performance criteria can also affect the cookie length that the publisher is benefiting from.

Level Cookie Length Condition
Level 1 30 Days default level

* Commission group excluded from global levels