Wildlink brings referral commissions to the masses. Now anyone can participate in affiliate networks and earn when their recommendations turn into sales. Your opinion has value and Wildlink is helping you claim that value.

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Wildlink (US) Affiliate Program

Wildfire Systems / Wildlink Affiliate Program - Background

Wildlink (the flagship product of Wildfire Systems) is measuring and monetizing word-of-mouth referrals in a way that is simple and effective.  Through Wildlink's mobile and desktop apps, people earn commissions when they refer their friends and family to products that they love.  These brand advocates don't need to remember referral codes or do anything than what they already do: share links.

Wildlink makes it automatic to earn when you talk about your favorite companies and products. It works in the background so you don't have to leave the flow you're already used to. Best of all, Wildlink works on top of existing affiliate networks like Awin!

If you're a merchant in Awin, chances are Wildlink already has enabled word-of-mouth referrals for your site. Try it out by installing the Wildlink app for Android and copying any URL on your site (a desktop app is also available). 

If you're a publisher, you can use Wildlink to greatly speed up adding affiliatized product links to your content. No more Wordpress widgets or searching. Just go to any product page for any participating merchant and copy the URL. You automatically get the version of the URL and it's ready to paste so you earn on any purchases made through that link.

We are focused on partnerships that align with our target users: small-to-medium-sized content producers, "influencers" of all sizes across all platforms (Twitter, Instagram, etc.), people interested in passive income, millenials working on their side hustle, "beer money" enthusiasts

Benefits of joining our program:

  • Simple payouts: $10 flat fee on every new user as soon as they make their first earnings
  • Fast payouts: 30 day review period
  • Senior affiliate management resource dedicated to your success
  • Promotional materials available

Relevant Categories: 

  • Referals 
  • Fashion Referals 
  • Shopping Referals 
  • Clothing
  • Side Jobs