Ava is a medical technology company dedicated to bringing innovation to women’s reproductive health. Ava uses sensor technology, clinical research, and data science to precisely monitor a woman’s menstrual cycle or pregnancy in real time.

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United Kingdom


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30 Days

Ava UK Affiliate Programme

Wearable Fertility Bracelet

Ava is a digital health company with offices in Zurich, San Francisco, Belgrade, Makati and Hong Kong that aims to advance women’s reproductive health by bringing together artificial intelligence and clinical research. Its fertility tracking sensor bracelet detects the five most fertile days of a woman’s cycle in real time, while also delivering personalized insight about reproductive health and pregnancy.

Worn only during sleep, the Ava bracelet tracks multiple physiological parameters including pulse rate, breathing rate, and temperature. Launched in the US in July 2016, the Ava bracelet is now sold in 36 countries and has helped more than 20,000 women become pregnant, with over 50 new pregnancies reported each day. Studies for the clinical use of Ava were conducted at the University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland and additional studies are currently in progress. Ava was voted Best of Baby Tech at CES 2017, named a Women’s Health “Editors’ Choice” product and has been honored as the best Swiss startup in 2017 and 2018. 

Programme Benefits

  • £25 standard commission rate
  • £15 for cashaback and voucher sites
  • Low return / cancellation rate
  • 30 day cookie policy


Unauthorised voucher codes will result in your commission being declined. Only vouchers issued by ThoughtMix or via Awin for the affiliate channel will be paid the relevant commission.

PPC Policy

Ava Women operate a strict policy on paid search activity. These terms and conditions are applicable on any ad platform, including, but not limited to search engines, content networks and social network ad placements.

Affiliates are not permitted to bid or appear on brand searches. Example: Ava Women,,, Ava bracelet

Affiliates are not permitted to bid or appear on misspells or variations of brand searches. Example: Ava Women, Women Ava, Ava Woman

Affiliates are not permitted to bid or appear on extended or hybrid brand searches. Examples, Ava Women Offers, Ava Women Voucher Code, promotional code, Ava Women bracelet, Ava fertility bracelet

Affiliates are not permitted to use the Ava Women trademark in any paid search activity, whether this is in advert text, copy or display URL's.

Affiliates must negative match the Ava Women brand name in any terms associated with voucher codes, discount codes and any other variations of these terms.

Unless explicit permission has been given no affiliate is allowed to perform direct linking PPC activity to the Ava Women website, this includes using the Ava Women website as a display URL.

Affiliates must not send traffic through automatic redirects on a webpage. Affiliates are not permitted to use the brand name (including misspells and varitations) as a sub domain or sub folder. Examples:,,

Anyone found infringing on these terms and conditions will be contacted by Ava Women or Affiliate Window. Please note anyone found contravening these Terms and Conditions may have their commissions declined and face suspension from the programme.

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