The Monthly Tee Club is a really simple idea. Every month we send you a t-shirt (or two or three), custom printed according to your interests.**High converting website, 1 day time to purchase**

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Monthly Tee Club Affiliate Programme


At Monthly Tee Club we hand-pick and deliver tees straight to your door based on what makes you tick.

Ever stuck wondering what to wear? That’s where Monthly Tee Club comes in handy, like the name suggests you’ll get a t-shirt delivered to your home or workplace every month. You won’t just be stuck with a random one either, this handy service learns your interests based on designs you like. That’s not all, for every month you subscribe, they’ll help somebody in need with their #TeeForTeeProject.

About Monthly Tee Club

Monthly Tee Club was set up by a group of regular guys who help make a difference in the world and putting smiles on people’s faces while doing it.

Clean clothing is something we all take for granted, but for some it’s a luxury that simply cannot be afforded. We just couldn’t let that fly, we had to do something.

So one rainy night in Bolton, a t-shirt printer a web developer and a pilot got together in a local pub and started thinking of ideas how we could make it happen...and BINGO, it came.

We thought it would be cool to set up a website which allowed people to share a little about themselves and receive awesome t-shirts based on their interests each month and for every person that subscribed we could donate an item to someone in need. This would not only fulfil our passion for putting smiles on people’s faces, but also help the world get involved with our movement.

So we got to work. Months of planning, head scratching, tears, laughter and the occasional argument (like I said, we’re normal) we did it. We even came up with a name for our plan, our vision, our project...the ‘Tee 4 A Tee Project’

So now we have everything in place to achieve our goals - to help clothe the needy and help bring joy to people while doing it. We just need one more thing to make it really happen - you.

With your support, we can truly help provide the most basic of life’s requirements to hundreds, thousands, if not millions of people around the world and feel good about doing it.

So please, join our little revolution which began on that cold windy night in Bolton and together we can help change the world.