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Trackimo® is an intelligent, GPS-GSM tiny device allowing you to keep your family and precious things safe and secure, track exactly where they are, automatically alerting when sensing distress signals.

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Trackimo is a tiny 3G real-time GPS tracking device & platform that is used to track and keep safe everything that lives or moves: Kids, elderly, dogs, cars, motorcycles, boats, drones, shipments, luggage + 38 other use cases. Trackimo is patented, works worldwide and for unlimited distance. Trackimo also has panic button to send SOS alerts by email, SMS or app.

In today’s reality many are looking for the piece-of-mind knowing the whereabouts of their, loved ones, knowing they can also use the device as panic button to send SOS alerts in case of emergency.  

Use Trackimo for any tracking or emergency alerts purposes. Don’t waste time and energy looking for stolen, misplaced or lost items. Trackimo will solve those issues. Keep tabs on your most important items. Simply attach to the thing you want to track, then view it on iPhone, Android or desktop apps to see the pinpoint location in real time, anywhere worldwide.

Peace - Safety - Security. No more wrecked nerves. No more calling a phone that wont pick up. No more mystery. With Trackimo you can always keep an eye on your precious things. Use Trackimo for any tracking or emergency alerts purposes. Trackimo gives you a peace of mind.

Device price: $138.90
12 months world cellular service: $60                              
Total price: $198.90

We pay 20% commission to our affiliates and the device retail at $199.00. Meaning commission per sale is at least $40 and up to $400 depending on the amount of units ordered.

We are considered a world leader in GPS tracking devices. Our partners are leading cellular telco such as: Verizon, Vodafone, Telefonica, Allianz Insurance and more chose Trackimo as #1 performing after comparing to other top 10 GPS trackers.

Our customers are 250,000 B2C as well as thousands of B2B such as: Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Nissan, UPS, Nike, US Army, ATF, TTB, FBI, Allianz insurance and more.

The device comes with a SIM card loaded with 12 months of cellular service and is working out-of-the-box. Trackimo is revolutionary hybrid devices using 5 tracking systems: GPS/A-GPS/GSM/WiFi/Bluetooth for outdoor & indoor worldwide tracking.

Trackimo is not just a device, behind it there is a comprehensive platform: Servers infrastructure, managed GSM global data network, location data protocols and patented communication algorithms enabling accuracy & minimal battery drain.

Trackimo works for unlimited distance. Don’t be confused/fooled by Bluetooth trackers like: Tile & TrackR who falsely claim to use GPS tracking, they only use Bluetooth, are only good to find your keys at home and will works for 50 feet only.

There are cheaper tracking devices out there, they don’t come with 12 month GSM service, they use cheaper slower CPUs, they are nonefficient, unstable and not accurate. Just like cellphones and laptops, there are always high end devices that cost more and have a superior performance.

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