NA-KD ist eine der populärsten Marken Schwedens weltweit. Durch enge Beziehungen zu Europas größten Trendsettern kreiert NA-KD einzigartige Kollektionen sowie ein eigenes Private Label mit den neuesten Trends.


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NA-KD DE Partnerprogramm

NA-KD affiliate program

Through close relationships with Europe's biggest trendsetters, NA-KD creates unique collections as well as its own private label with the latest trends. With new products every day and fast shipping, we guarantee a unique shopping experience.

How can your business benefit from NA-KD.com?

  • Percentage of commission
  • Free delivery (where applicable)
  • Returns with 30 days right of return, a small fee is applicable
  • Safe shopping through various payment methods
  • Advertising links, banners, logos and text links
  • Opportunity for a campaign partnership

NA-KD's affiliate program is tailored to selected publishers. Applications and inquiries are checked based on current internal strategic affiliate requirements.

Validation and program policy

Publishers are free to use any onsite promo codes and codes specifically given to them. We will publish all current, new and upcoming onsite codes and their details. Partner specific codes can be given with specific campaign pushes together with the partner, or longstanding unique codes for loyalty sites. Due to the internal structure of influencer marketing and affiliate marketing split, all transactions with codes from influencers (in the format of xxx, xxx15, xxx20, xxx25 etc) will be rejected. In addition, codes provided to customers from our customer service team (format: randomized letters and numbers) and our email marketing (format: XXX, heyXXX, backXXX, bffXXX) will also be rejected.

We currently do not work directly with influencer/blogs/influencer networks. They are asked to contact our Influencer Marketing team at hello@na-kd.com for any opportunities. In addition, we are open to partners from loyalty, cashback, voucher categories and content sites. We currently do not work with display & retargeting, CSS partners, Google Shopping, shopping comparison sites, Influencer Networks, or personal bloggers, PPC (brand bidding), browser extensions, affiliate networks, subnetworks, adult content, online gaming/gambling through our affiliate program. 

We look forward to working with you!


NA-KD Affiliate Team