Gymshark support your business with advice on how to increase visits and support you with fair and flexible compensation options, we are also the world’s fastest growing active-wear brand, join us for a unique and rewarding experience.

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Gymshark AU & NZ Affiliate Programme

Gymshark is the worlds fastest growing activewear brand and offers affiliates the chance to work on one of the worlds most lucrative affiliate programs.

Reasons to work with Gymshark include:

  • Direct 1-2-1 contact with the Gymshark team and our personal support in growing your business/brand
  • Bespoke compensation with access to higher CPA, Assist Payments and Fixed Fee payments
  • Regular opportunities to feature in our campaigns and new product launches

New applicants should email or call the team (details below) to discuss joining our program. We will not accept new applicants without prior contact.

If you have an incentive/discount/voucher/cashback led website or opportunity, we have attractive offers that drive higher basket value sales yielding higher commissions for a return on the time you invest in driving traffic to our website.

If you have a content/blog/non-incentive website or opportunity, we offer retainers to guarantee you a regular income, so you can focus on creating great content without having to worry about converting sales for a commission.

Gymshark want to empower Affiliates to do great Affiliate marketing by offering compensation options that ensure you get a fair payment for the effort you put into driving traffic to our website.

New applicants should note we do not work with social media influencers and if you are seeking sponsorship you should contact