Spiral is a long-established brand specialising in alternative, heavy metal and gothic fashion, with men’s and women’s alternative clothing as well as kids, babygrows and accessories.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


This document is intended to provide high-level best practices of display advertisements that link within Spiral with a focus on usage of the Spiral Direct brand.

  • Using the Spiral name or branding elements can help you get results. However, the Spiral brand is one of our most valuable company assets, so we require advance review of creative materials.
  • With written approval, we permit our advertisers to use Spiral Direct branding elements within the requirements outlined in this document.
  • All materials must be submitted to Spiral Direct in advance for approval by Spiral Direct in accordance with our advertising policies.
  • CTA messages should be selected to clearly communicate the action the customer is taking and what they will experience on the landing page.
  • It is recommended that buttons, like pointer text, should start with an action verb whenever possible, be sentence capped, and contain no ending punctuation.
Recommended CTA Destination or Action
Shop now at Spiral Product, Destination, Category or Search page
Shop now Product, Destination, Category or Search page
Add to Cart View Cart page
Order Now Product, Destination, Category or Search page


Special Offers: The landing page must prominently present the offer being advertised.

Displaying Prices: Listing prices is strongly discouraged given potential mismatch between the price displayed in an ad unit and the prices displayed on a product details and requires approval from Spiral Direct.

Size:The Spiral Direct logo must be no smaller than 1” wide for print or 72 pixels on screen. Spiral Direct corporate colors are Black and Spiral Direct Red. The Hex codes for Black and Red are #000000 and #660000, respectively. No screens of either color are allowed.

Do not alter the logo artwork in proportion or color.

Product imagery shown in advertisements must be an exact representation of that being offered for sale, promotions, etc. Advertiser should not watermark the product image by any means. That include the watermark on whitespaces in image files.