marlies|dekkers is a Dutch luxury Lingerie brand. Marlies Dekkers has achieved international success with her outstanding signature designs. Join us for great products and promotions!

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United States of America


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30 Days


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  • Pages with bonus, incentivisation or commission sharing schemes
  • Pages whose content glamorizes violence
  • Pages featuring pornography and sexually insinuating content
  • Websites that contain drugs paraphernalia
  • Pages that contain dialers and/or spyware or install them on the Internet user's computer
  • Websites with discriminatory, offensive or defamatory comments regarding race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age
  • Content, which breaches good manners and effective laws or third parties' rights
  • The materials provided may not be revised in any way, changed or passed to third parties. The Affiliate is obliged to remove the above-mentioned materials from its website if marlies|dekkers suggests that it does so
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  • The Affiliate is not allowed to sending out emails where marlies|dekkers is mentioned on without written notice from marlies|dekkers.



  • Affiliates are not allowed to bid for the protected words marlies|dekkers (this includes misspellings in any form) as well as for the products in conjunction with other words on Internet search engines. The Affiliate may not optimize the words marlies|dekkers or its misspellings in any form within the framework of optimizing the search engines
  • Affiliate are not permitted to direct link
  • We ask all affiliates to negative match against our brand name to avoid broad matching


A breach of the above mentioned agreements shall entitle marlies|dekkers to terminate the agreement without notice. Further claims shall remain unaffected by this.


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