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Primary Region

United States of America


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Program Terms

HotelStorm Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

The agreement below governs the relationship between “You” (the affiliate) and “We” or “Us” (HotelStorm).

By agreeing to the below, you agree that you will comply to all conditions outlined and understand that any breach of these Terms & Conditions may result in your removal from the affiliate program and commissions being declined.

PPC Policy

Unless specifically agreed in writing with HotelStorm, affiliates must not:

a) purchase, license or operate any domain name which is confusingly similar to “”

b) use the term “HotelStorm” or its derivatives in the affiliate's ad text for driving traffic from either HotelStorm’s competitors' brand terms to HotelStorm site or the affiliate's sites.

Purchase of Domains

Affiliates are not permitted to register domain names that include variations of HotelStorm’s own URL unless agreed directly with HotelStorm.

Email policy

Please email to obtain a unique URL for email inclusions.

Destination URLs

Affiliates can only use their individual, unique destination URL assigned to them through Affiliate Window.

Voucher Code Policy

Affiliates are only permitted to use the unique voucher code assigned to them through Affiliate Window. Commission earned from the promotion of discount codes found elsewhere, including but not limited to: other publisher sites, perk platforms, email, etc. are subject to be declined and ultimately the publisher faces suspension from the affiliate program.

Display Activity

Any affiliates that promote HotelStorm via display are responsible for their activity, regardless of whether they own the websites on which they are promoting HotelStorm.

Social Media & Mobile

Affiliates are not permitted to pose as HotelStorm on any social media or mobile platforms.

Affiliates must receive approval before posting about HotelStorm across their social media accounts.

Breach of Network Terms & Conditions

Any action taken by the affiliate network (Affiliate Window) to remove an affiliate site from the network may result in an affiliate being removed from the HotelStorm affiliate program.

Affiliate Approvals

Affiliates applying to the HotelStorm program will be reviewed by the HotelStorm affiliate team who will make a decision on if the site is appropriate to the HotelStorm brand. Additional conversations may be necessary in order to make the determination.

HotelStorm will also not accept any affiliate onto the program who promotes adult, gambling, illegal or defamatory content.

Cookie Period

Cookie period is 30 days

Sales Validation

Sales are validated based on checkout date on the HotelStorm affiliate program, with commissions being paid on valid and completed stays only.  Commission will be declined if an order has been cancelled. Commissions are based on sub-total, or nightly room price before taxes and fees are applied.


If you have any questions or queries please contact the HotelStorm account team at

Affiliates found breaching any of the above stated terms and conditions will be served a warning, commission payments may be put on hold and they may be suspended from the HotelStorm affiliate program. Periodic infringement will result in permanent removal from the program and all pending commission payments declined.

 HotelStorm reserves the right add to, change or modify the above terms and conditions without any prior notice.