Brussels airlines permet aux internautes de profiter des meilleurs prix pour les vols en Europe et USA, ainsi que 13 destinations uniques en Afrique.

Zone de vente principale



Période d'attribution (durée du cookie)

30 Jours


Standard terms and conditions for the Brussels Airlines Affiliate Program (Policy)

The following principles are applied for the Brussels Airlines affiliate program

I. Common Principles

The affiliate guarantees not to publish any links or banner on websites that contain below mentioned content. Neither are links on a website permitted that refer to websites that may contain any of below listed contents or where such content can be suspected.

  • Political content
  • Erotic or pornography
  • Paid-Mailer
  • Any form of discriminatory presentation
  • Insulting and offensive content, extremist content, radical political content or content that can be considered harmful for young people

Beyond that, Brussels Airlines will not allow any site that displays sites of Brussels Airlines within other websites. (No “Framing“, except for the widget available via the Zanox Market Place).

II. Code of Conduct for Search Engine-Affiliates


SEM is not permitted!

SEO Restrictions:

Our partners are not allowed to optimize the following protected brand names, terms or part-terms and / or combinations (including possible spelling variations or typing errors) of ““Brussels Airlines”, “SN”, “Brussels Airlines flights”, “Brussels Airlines tickets”, “SN tickets”, “Brussel Airlines" and “Brusssels Airline” – neither in combination with other words.

Email/Newsletter Policy

  • Any form of SPAM Mailing is not permitted.
  • It is not allowed to display advertisements on Facebook that include any information and / or pictures from Brussels Airlines.
  • It is forbidden to embed the Brussels Airlines page via iFrame or similar (except for the widget available via the Zanox Market Place).
  • Emails or Newsletter that contain content naming Brussels Airlines require a written and signed agreement.

All generated sales or leads, which are generated via incorrect methods, will be cancelled - also in retrospect. Brussels Airlines reserves the right to demand compensation in case misuse has occurred.

A violation will result in the immediate termination of the partnership.

We are looking forward to a successful partnership.

Your  Brussels Airlines-Affiliate-Team