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Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



  • No SEM – a general restriction applies with absolute prohibition for SEM on brands
  • No pop-up/pop-under
  • No layers
  • No Email marketing is allowed before it has been approved by Nordic Nest
  • No Facebook advertisement with our brand or logo
  • No erotic or pornographic content
  • No content that can be perceived as offensive, threatening, racist or radically political. 


Affiliates who violate these restrictions will be shut down immediately and no commission will be paid.


Keyword Policy:

Nordic Nest is a registered trademark. Therefore, as an affiliate you may not use the word/term Nordic Nest (or alternative spellings of the brand) as a search term in Google Adword Campaigns or other sponsored search campaigns. The brand Nordic Nest shall be a negative search word or excluded term for our publishers. Affiliates who violate these rules will be shut down immediately and no commission will be paid.


Discount codes:

Discount codes may only be published on the respective affiliate websites if they have been communicated by Nordic Nest through their affiliate newsletter or through individual contact with Nordic Nest. Discount codes that are issued exclusive to an individual affiliate or distributed through a loyalty program, for instance, may not be published on another affiliate page. All sales that include the discount code that has not been issues for use in affiliate marketing, or has been issued exclusively to another affiliate, will be denied.