Since 1926 Godiva has been the premier maker of the fine Belgian chocolate. Our heritage and the inspiration behind the Lady Godiva story helps to guide us in everything we do. Come and discover the amazing things we do with chocolate every day.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

45 Days


Voucher Code Terms

Voucher codes issued can only be used on the website which has been approved by The Godiva affiliate team. If instructed, voucher codes must be removed from website and all other marketing channels.

PPC Terms

The Godiva brand and names are protected under trademark. This has been approved by Google, Yahoo & Bing. Any affiliate mentioning the Godiva trademark terms in keywords or advert copy will immediately be suspended from the program, all unpaid commission forfeited and a trademark infringement complaint made to the relevant search engine.

Remarketing Terms

Please note no remarketing promotion is allowed.

Email Marketing Terms

Godiva does allow the promotion of any affiliate newsletter copy within your email marketing efforts. If you wish to feature Godiva in your own copy, then this will require the approval from the Godiva affiliate team in advance – please allow 3 business days for approval of your email copy.