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Cellar by Waitrose & Partners

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At Waitrose Cellar you can browse 1300 wines, wine gifts, spirits and sparkling wines and champagnes.

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United Kingdom


Terms and Conditions

Unauthorised Promotional Codes

Affiliates must only promote codes that have been directly communicated from the Waitrose Affiliate team in the weekly communications.

A promotion code that hasn’t been communicated via your account manager is an unathorised code that must not be used. Waitrose will decline commissions on all orders when an unauthorised promotion code has been used.

Please note that any sales made on Waitrose Garden will not be tracked or paid out on through Waitrose Cellar.

Social Media

Waitrose Cellar affiliates can promote the brand and any offers on social media but affiliates are not permitted to tag Waitrose Cellar social media accounts in posts