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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Commissions are paid on new Users' Registrations/Requests/Booking, specifically those that raise a Quote Request/Call Request/Demo Request.

All new Registrations/Requests/Booking requests are verified by our sales team.

Duplicate Registrations and those with incorrect contact details will be voided.

Any registration where the full User information is not provided will be classed as invalid. Also, any User that does not take any action within 30 days of visiting the site would not be eligible for a commission payout.

Publishers and Vendor' s Sign Ups will be validated before the commission is released. We will not pay commission on existing users, all Users must be new users. 

Incentives offers of any kind are not Allowed.

PPC Activity:

- Publishers can bid on RingCentral trademarked terms + general term as an exact match only.
- Bidding is not allowed on our trademarked terms: RingCentral, RingCentral UK, RingCentral UK, or any misspellings and permutations thereof. 

Voucher Code Use:

- Publishers should only use voucher codes that have been distributed to them through Affiliate Window. We reserve the right to, and may, decline commissions for the use of unauthorized codes.

Email Policy:

Affiliates are not allowed to send email messages as part of a RingCentral marketing campaign without prior written approval from the RingCentral Affiliate team. In addition, an affiliate may not use a return address, subject heading, header information or message contents that intentionally misleads or confuses or is likely to mislead or confuse a recipient as to the affiliate being the sender.