EE offers you the chance to work with the UK’s most advanced digital communications company, the first to offer 4G mobile services. With a full range of handsets, sim only products, MBB and PAYG and commissions of up to £70 – join the EE programme today!

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

21 Days


Terms and Conditions

Validation Criteria

EE Mobile do not reverse any sales however have the right to remove any affiliate from the program, who are found to regularly send low quality leads which does not result in an connection.  Sale validations normally take place in the 2nd week of the Month

URL and ad copy restrictions

Any copy must be written from a third party promoting EE Mobile. For example an affiliate should not say ‘Our products’ and all search copy must contain correct product details such as price and speed.

Search entries should not appear to have come from EE Mobile directly.

Affiliates cannot use the brand name within their domain name e.g.

However affiliates can use EE in their subdomain or directory folder e.g.

There may be some exceptions with the way in which the term EE is used within domains, however you must have prior consent.


Affiliates are allowed to deeplink to pages they deem relevant however in order to ensure the activity tracks please ensure you check with your account manager before use.

Also, when creating deep-links for this programme, please ensure you use the Link Builder tool within Darwin as EE have bespoke tracking set up. We cannot guarantee sales will track if links are made individually and without the Link Builder tool.

Use of loyalty sites

Cashback & Loyalty sites applications to join the programme will be assessed on a case by case basis as there are a limited number of cashback/loyalty sites that EE are able to work with. All cashback affiliates are paid on connection and commission may vary from non- cashback affiliates.  Please double check with the account manager, the commission you should be on, if you are unsure. 

From the 22nd August 2014 EE will only be processing transaction queries that are less than 4 months old. If a transaction query dates prior to the 4 month period it will be automatically declined and no commission will be paid out. We hope this change will lead us to processing transactions more efficiently and quicker.

Branding Guidelines

The affiliate website must display its own branding / logo to emphasise that it is a third party website endorsing EE. Attempts to imitate or replicate our own website are not acceptable and will not be approved by us. The customer must understand that they are on a third party website not belonging to EE. Do not give the customer the impression that they are on an EE owned website. The affiliate must not claim to be an ‘official’ EE website or make any other similar claims.

Creative Restrictions

Only creative/logo provided can be used to promote EE. These can be picked up from your network interface; affiliates must not hardcode creative/logo.  If you want to build your own creative this has to approved by EE before it can be used. Please send this to the account manager for sign off.

Use of email affiliates

 If you wish to engage in any email activity please seek prior permission from MEC and the account manager.

Affiliates must not promote EE through means of a customer downloaded application that interrupts the sales journey, without securing opt in from MEC. Examples of this are rebate catching tools which alert the user when they land on the merchant website that discounts or cashback are available. If you are in any doubt about whether your application is acceptable or not, please contact your account manager.

Emails and newsletters must be sent to us for approval and must not be sent out until approved. It also needs to be clear that the newsletter is sent by a third party endorsing EE and not EE itself.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in full or partial reversals of commission and/or removal from the program. If you have any questions or requests regarding our terms & conditions, please contact your account manager.

PPC Policy

No brand bidding is allowed on any pure brand term, brand+generic or misspells of the brand term, unless agreed with MEC and the account manager. When joining the programme please ensure you negatively match the pure brand term, brand+generic or misspells of the brand. If you are found to be bidding on these terms continually we can suspend you from the programme. Failure to comply with this policy may result in full or partial reversals of commission and/or removal from the program


- If you operate a subnetwork through your publisher account you must inform the EE affiliate team and a list of all URLs promoting EE should be supplied. EE reserve the right to decline individual URLs if not deemed editorially appropriate.

- Any URL providing more than 5% of your sales volume should be tracked into a secondary PID for legal and audit purposes unless agreed otherwise in writing with EE.

- Any URL which joins a subnetwork will join on the Standard Awin Programme rates unless agreed otherwise in writing with EE.

- Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in immediate removal from the EE programme of either the URL and / or where necessary, the subnetwork.

Use of vouchercodes

A voucher code is not to be used and will not be valid in conjunction with any other offer or 3rd party discount. Unauthorised use of voucher codes or offers may result in commissions being reversed.

Lower CPA might track if a voucher code is used.

Use of exclusive offers/vouchercodes

Affiliates are not allowed to use a voucher code unless it has been specifically provided to them. Unauthorised use of voucher codes or offers may result in commissions being reversed’



No affiliate is allowed to promote EE on a manufactures website (i.e. HTC, Samsung, Sony)

Only EE approved publishers may sell EE products over the phone

Without express permission to sell to customers over the phone, any publisher found engaging in this activity will be immediately removed from the programme and their commission's will be declined.

We do not pay commission on upgrades

Possible Fraudulent Activity

Any new or dormant affiliate starting/restarting activity and driving an abnormal number of sales/traffic/conversion rate within a period of time, without prior discussion with AWIN or EE, will be suspended immediately pending investigation. Full visibility needs to be provided on all traffic sources and marketing activity prior to starting any promotional activity on the EE program.

Contact Details

In order to promote the EE programme you must have a valid contact number and e-mail address in your management area


Toolbar Affiliates

 EE does not work with toolbar affiliates, or allow any affiliates to publish or promote EE offers in toolbars or other pop-ups, whether they effect the EE customer on-site journey or not, unless given explicit, written permission by the EE affiliate team


Corporate Partners

If you are a Corporate Partner of EE then the following you must comply with the following aspects of the Agreement:


1.1 By entering this Agreement, you are making the following promises to us (known as “Warranties”). You warrant that:

(a) you have full power and authority to enter into this Agreement;

(b) you are and will be responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations related to your website and the performance of your obligations under this Agreement;

(c) you are solely responsible for your intranet, including:

(i) its development, maintenance and operation;

(ii) any of its content;

(iii) any technologies its uses; and

(iv) the means by which Visitors and other users access it; even if service providers help you to operate your  intranet.


1.2 Any information on your intranet regarding goods and services for sale by EE, including pricing, discounts, promotions and description is (so far as you are aware) accurate, up to date, complete and nonmisleading


1.3 As a Corporate Partner, you will need permission to use Materials. As part of this Agreement, we give you permission to use the Materials in the form of a sublicence. This sub-licence is subject to the following condition:

(a) you will not claim or receive any right to use the Materials other than the permissions set out in this Agreement and you will never own any of the Materials


1.4 You must comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (as amended) (the “Regulations”). The Regulations are designed to protect the public from the invasion of privacy and contain rules on how you can use Cookies. If you would like to learn more about the Regulations, you should visit the website of the Information Commissioner‟s Office.


1.5 Complying with the Regulations will involve informing users of your website about how your website uses Cookies. Users of your website will also need to give you their consent to your website’s use of Cookies. This includes Cookies you use or place on our behalf. It is up to you to decide how exactly to comply with the Regulations.