The Brehon is Ireland’s highest rated 4* Hotel Overlooking the idyllic Killarney National Park, The Brehon combines luxury with style. Voted Top 10 Hotels in Ireland by TripAdvisor 2017


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


To participate in the Brehon affiliate program, the below terms and conditions apply. The Brehon has the right to terminate participation from any affiliate if these terms are not adhered to by the affiliate; by participating, you are agreeing and bound to these terms.

Website requirements
• Web site must be live and fully operational
• An acceptable Privacy policy must be published/displayed on your website.
• Inappropriate content cannot be displayed on the web site, the following is deemed inappropriate; this is not an exhaustive list, The Brehon has the right to terminate any site which is found to be inappropriate at any time:

Hate/offensive/violent content
rude/pornographic content
Extreme religious or political content
Aesthetically unpleasing content
Abusive or irresponsible promotion of Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs
Use of the word "sex" gratuitously or excessively
Content aimed at children
Gambling, firearms, games of chance, and lotteries

Advertising Terns & Conditions
• You can use The Brehon logo on your site, but you must not amend it in any way. You will find a selection of the brand logos available once you have signed up to the programme.
• Closed PPC Policy. Affiliates are not permitted to bid on any keyword that contains the name or misspelt name, of any of the Brehon brand.
• Affiliates must not register, buy or use domains including any brand names pertaining to The Brehon Hotel, misspellings and/or variations.
• Affiliates must not create a website that impersonates The Brehon hotel website.
• Affiliates must not register/buy or use domains that users may believe are part of The Brehon hotel
• Closed keyword marketing policy.
• Domain and subdomain name: You are not permitted to use misspells of The Brehon brand to create a false impression that the misspelt domain is a Brehon official web site
If you join you will earn commission on a qualifying transaction, which is a valid hotel booking made for The Brehon Hotel. This must be within the 30 days cookie period and your link must be the last one used to direct the customer to make their booking

Commission calculation:
 All commission is calculated on total booked revenue including amenities such as breakfast.
 If a customer cancels their reservation or does not visit the hotel on the day of their intended stay, The Brehon will not award commission on the transaction.
Additional charges for food and beverage services as Add On’s, as well as for any other additional services (F&B, Spa, Tickets etc.), are excluded.  Please note that commissions are only paid after the customer has completed their stay, therefore in the event of a cancellation no cashback will be awarded. We only pay commissions for completed hotel stays.
Website users benefit from an online booking engine, an automated booking confirmation email with a unique booking reference number, as well as user friendly booking modification and cancellation options.
As an affiliate you receive your commission payments through the affiliate network.
You will not earn commission on:
• Additional booking fees.
• If the transaction is not made through the Brehon booking engine.
• If the transaction is completed offline through our call centres.
• If the transaction is generated by a link that does not contain the correct tracking code.
• If the booking is cancelled within the month of transaction.
• If the booking is made via a PPC using branded keywords.
Email advertising:
You are required to have consent from The Brehon before any email marketing can be done; this applies to emails where entire email content, or substantial part of the email content, is related to any of the Brehon brands.