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Book Depository is a leading online bookstore, offering over 19 million titles, with Free Delivery Worldwide to over 100 countries.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



Commission is paid out on approved sales only and are validated on a monthly basis. An approved sale will meet the following criteria:

  • The sale has been approved by the Book Depository with payment being received from the customer and the order not being returned
  • A non-affiliate voucher code has not been utilised during the sale
  • The sale has tracked on a last click wins basis through the Affiliate Window system to the individual Affiliate ID
  • The affiliate has adhered to all Affiliate Window and Book Depository programme terms and conditions


PPC Policy

We do not authorise affiliates to use any form of PPC (pay-per-click) activity.

The Book Depository does not allow any affiliates to bid on brand terms, nor are affiliates allowed to use these within a display URL in any PPC advertising. This also includes misspellings of the brand. Affiliates are not permitted to link directly to the Book Depository site. You must not bid on any terms relating to any competitor of the Book Depository. Any affiliates found to be doing so will have their commissions declined and may be removed from the programme.

The consequences for violating our PPC policy are as follows:

  • Publisher suspended for 7 days. We will ask for activity to cease immediately and for the publisher to provide information on traffic sources. Commissions generated through PPC activity will be declined. Publisher may be indefinitely removed from the programme. 
  • 3rd offense: Indefinite removal from the programme.  


Email Marketing

All email marketing must be signed off by The Book Depository. The Affiliate must obtain appropriate marketing consents before sending emails to consumers.


Loyalty and Voucher Code Sites

Loyalty and Voucher Codes sites are permitted on the programme. This must be made clear on your application to The Book Depository programme as differing commissions apply. Loyalty and Voucher Codes sites will receive 5% commission for new customers and 1.5% commission for existing customer sales.  Affiliates can only use voucher codes that have been provided through the affiliate network specifically for their use.


Use of Voucher Codes

Affiliates may not promote voucher codes without prior authorisation. You may ONLY advertise voucher codes that are provided through the affiliate program. You may NOT advertise voucher codes obtained from any other sources. You must NOT mislead visitors into clicking on an offer or code that does not exist or practice similarly deceptive tactics. These include, but are not limited to using knowingly expired offers or presenting offers that do not exist or are not affiliate offers, making claims that a visitor must click on a link first to activate or receive an offer, presenting a button that claims to show all offers and sets the affiliate cookie in the background, using technology that generates a click or sets the cookie from the action of copying a voucher code or through a pop under. 


Use of Social Networking Sites

Please highlight any promotional activity via social networking platforms to The Book Depository for approval. Affiliates must make it clear that they are an independent company to The Book Depository.


Declined Sales

Purchases that do not qualify for affiliate commission include the following:

  • Any product purchase that is not correctly tracked or reported due to the links from your site to the relevant Book Depository site are not properly formatted;
  • Any product purchased for resale or commercial use of any kind;
  • Any product purchased after termination of this Operating Agreement;
  • Any product order that is cancelled or returned; and
  • Any product purchased by a customer who is referred to The Book Depository site through any of the following methods:
  1. a Prohibited Paid Search Placement
  2. a link redirecting to the Book Depository site that is generated or displayed on a Search Engine.


The Book Depository de-dupes across other channels on a last click wins basis.


Untracked Sales

Affiliates must raise any queries over untracked transactions within 45 days of the transaction date. Any queries raised after this period will not be paid.


Your Responsibilites

If you qualify and agree to participate as an Affiliate:

  • You shall not misrepresent The Book Depository or its products or services, or otherwise make any claims, representations, or warranties in connection with The Book Depository other than as expressly authorised by The Book Depository, and
  • You shall have no authority to and shall not bind The Book Depository to any obligations. Nothing in this Agreement nor any conduct of either party shall be deemed to constitute an employment or agency relationship.


The Affiliate shall comply with all instructions and guidelines The Book Despository or Affiliate Window may issue.

The Book Depository will provide you with all Links, and any related banners, graphics, or text ads necessary to promote and offer The Book Depository Services to Your Site's visitors and/or its members. The Link may consist of ads containing text or graphic images provided by us (and is subject to change from time to time in our sole discretion) and may contain our logo or other references to The Book Depository.

In utilising any The Book Depository provided Link, you agree that you will cooperate fully with us in order to establish and maintain such Link. You also agree that you will display only those Links that are provided by us, and you will substitute such Links with any new or update Links provided by us from time to time throughout the term of this Agreement. All Links may be modified by us and/or expanded from time to time throughout the term of this Agreement.


Licenses and Use of The Book Depository Logos and Trademarks

We grant you the right:

  • To access Our Site through the Link solely in accordance with the terms of this agreement; and
  • Solely in connection with the Link, to use our logos, trade names, trademarks and similar identifying material relating to us and which we provide to you for the sole purpose of establishing a link to Our Site so users of Your Site can purchase The Book Depository Services.

You may not alter, modify or change the Link or Licensed Materials in any way. You may use only authorised, licensed advertising creatives or ads. Other than establishing a link from Your Site to Our Site, you shall not make any use of any Licensed Materials without first obtaining our prior written consent. Affiliate shall comply with all guidelines provided by The Book Depository with respect to the text or graphic reproduction, appearance, and "look and feel" related to the marketing and representation of the Links and The Book Depository.


Intellectual property

You do not obtain any rights under this Agreement in any intellectual property with respect to the and domain names. You shall not assert the invalidity, unenforceability, or contest the ownership by The Book Depository of the Licensed Materials, The Book Depository Site, or any related links, artwork, logos or other materials in any action that may prejudice The Book Depository's rights in the marks or otherwise weaken their validity or diminish their associated goodwill.

You must ensure that you do not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.



Each of the parties agrees that all information provided by or on behalf of any of them shall remain strictly confidential except to the extent that any such information is generally known or available to the public. You acknowledge that, during the term of this Agreement, you may be entrusted with confidential information relating to the business, operations, or underlying technology of The Book Depository and/or the Affiliate Programme. You shall provide care to avoid disclosure or unauthorised use of the Confidential Information to any other person or entity.

You shall not use the Confidential Information for purposes other than those necessary to further the purposes of this Agreement. You shall not disclose the Confidential Information to third persons or outside parties without the prior written consent of The Book Depository.



You shall not create, publish, distribute, or permit any written or graphical material that makes reference to The Book Depository other than those mentioned in this Agreement or otherwise provided by The Book Depository, without our prior written consent, which may be granted, in our sole discretion, provided such materials are not in direct conflict with The Book Depository's own marketing efforts.



You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Book Depository against any and all claims, actions, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, judgments, settlements, expenses, and costs that arise out of or are based on, or in any way connected with this Agreement, including but not limited to:

  • the unauthorised use of any The Book Depository intellectual property.
  • any claim that our use of the Affiliate Trademarks infringes on any trademark, trade name, service mark, copyright, license, intellectual property, or other proprietary right of any third party,
  • the development, operation, maintenance and of Your Site and products and services offered from Your Site or related to your site.

Ad Networks

Affiliates should not use Ad Networks to send traffic directly to The Book Depository.

 Transparency on Promotional Methods

Sub-networks and all other publishers must provide proof of traffic sources and referral URLs. We reserve the right to decline transactions and suspend publishers if they do not cooperate and provide satisfactory evidence. Transactions will be left pending while conversations are ongoing. 


The terms of this Agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your application for the Affiliate Programme, and will end when terminated by either party. Affiliates found infringing any of these terms and conditions will be warned and may have commissions reversed and/or this Agreement terminated. We reserve the right to withhold commission during this time.