Etihad Airways is the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates. Since starting in 2003, the Airline is growing at a fantastic rate and currently pays out commission on over 40,000 different routes

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Etihad Airways – Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

We request that any affiliate reviewing these Terms reviews the Approved and Prohibited Methods of promotion at the bare minimum.

These Terms and Conditions have been put together specifically in relation to the Etihad Airways ( affiliate program, which operates online only. Sale referrals to Etihad Airways that occur via Telephone or any other method are not covered by the below Terms, or by the Etihad Affiliate Program.

Finally, any reference to “affiliate” in the below can also be considered to mean “publisher”. The two are used interchangeably.

How to Refer Sales to

In order for a sale to be considered valid, the following needs to occur:

  • The publisher must drive traffic (clicks) through a link with affiliate tracking enabled.
  • The prospective customer must complete the booking process fully on within 30 days of the click-through taking place. In addition, if the customer clicks on a different affiliate link in this timeframe, the commission is awarded to the affiliate who drove the last click before the booking took place.
  • The customer must not then cancel the booking, or have their payment method fail. If this happens, the booking is considered a cancellation, and no commission will be paid.

As long as the above terms are met, the customer’s booking will be tracked by the affiliate network. Following this:

  • The publisher will then receive a commission, which will be paid to them by the network.
  • Commission rates are set at 2% for all affiliates, though rates can be negotiated with the agency in special circumstances.
  • Bookings are validated usually within 45 days after the date of the booking tracking.
  • Payment to the network is received from Digitas (Etihad’s affiliate marketing agency) 60-90 days (max) after the booking takes place.
  • Affiliates should confirm with the affiliate network for any details on dates of their payment runs, as this will affect the date that payment arrives in the affiliate’s bank account.

Communication of Promotions

Network affiliates should be aware that we are looking to reduce the number of outgoing emails we are sending, as we have concerns about “spamming” affiliates with a large number of promotions. Etihad is a global brand, and therefore has a large number of tactical, short term promotions at any time.

For details on Promotions, affiliates will find full details of any offers available in the network Offers Feed. This is regularly updated, and by far the best place to obtain current information.

Approved Methods of Promotion

Affiliates who are approved to work with through our network must actively promote the brand, and affiliates who remain inactive for a prolonged period of time (IE have no ads on their website and/or are driving no traffic) may be removed in periodic audits.

Etihad are open to being promoted by affiliates in a variety of ways. The below ways are all approved methods of promoting Etihad:

  • Promoting one or more of Etihad’s promotional/sales offers, which are distributed on a regular basis via newsletter.
  • Inclusion of Etihad’s offers in a newsletter sent to the publisher’s subscribers. (Publishers have a responsibility to ensure that when it comes to their own data, GDPR regulations are met and respected).
  • Creation of blog or original content (perhaps based on the publisher’s own experiences with Etihad, or just inspired by recent news or events)
  • Social media posts or inclusions are approved, though we ask that publisher’s please declare the URL when they sign up to Etihad so that we can confirm the content is appropriate
  • Promotions on coupon code/cashback websites – though we reserve the right to remove those that do not perform well, or refuse to approve those which do not meet our quality requirements.
  • Content websites are very welcome, and we are happy to work with any good quality travel-centric website as long as traffic is being driven to Etihad semi-consistently.

Prohibited Methods of Promotion

We do not accept the following types of promotional methods. Affiliates must be aware that any of the below types of promotion constitute a Breach of Terms, and that any affiliate doing them will be removed from the program and have their commissions declined:

  • PPC – We do not currently allow any publishers to promote us via PPC under any circumstances. We do not permit brand bidding, direct linking, or any kind of sale driven to directly from PPC ads. Any sales will be rejected and the publisher removed without review. This means no brand bidding, no misspell bidding, no generic bidding, no bidding on any phrase including a brand term or misspell, no direct linking to Etihad website or any other derivative of their website. No PPC is permitted, on any grounds or in any manner.
  • SEO/Etihad Domains – Affiliates should be aware that Etihad do not work with any publisher who buys an Etihad-based domain (or misspell). Affiliates are of course encouraged to drive traffic to their own websites using SEO – but buying up Etihad Domains will not result in any commission being awarded.
  • Toolbars – We do not usually permit publishers to use toolbars to promote We can review toolbars on a case by case basis – however, it is just important to be aware that toolbars that encourage users to exit in order to click on an affiliate link (IE anything that loads post the customer arriving on will be rejected.
  • Ad-Networks – We have unfortunately experienced a lot of quality issues with Ad-Networks, and therefore are no longer working with these partners.

Additional Terms Publishers Should Be Aware Of

In addition to the above, publishers should also be aware of the following:

  • Voucher/Coupon/Promo Codes:
    • Etihad occasionally will issue voucher codes for affiliate use, however, we do not receive these on a regular basis. We are not currently able to issue short-term voucher codes, however, we will revise our terms should this change in future.
    • For promo codes that we do issue, affiliates should be aware that Etihad reserve the right to decline commissions if affiliates use a code that has not been issued by the affiliate channel. Historically, this has only occurred in the case of specific codes that have gone viral, but affiliates just need to be cautioned that codes are utilised at your own risk if you have not received them from the network (through Digitas) or from Etihad directly.
    • Additionally, for promo codes that are issued specifically for affiliate use, affiliates agree to accurately promote these codes, using any details and Terms and Conditions for the use of the code given to them by Digitas/Etihad/the network. Mis-promotion of codes is considered a breach of Terms and Conditions, and affiliates doing so may be removed from the program and have their commissions declined.

Consequences of Breaches to the Terms and Conditions

  • Etihad expects for Digitas in partnership with the affiliate network to manage the behaviour of their affiliate partners, and they have very high expectations both of our performance, and of our speed in dealing with breaches of their Terms and Conditions. In agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you do confirm that you understand and are subject to these Terms. Any affiliate who breaches terms will NOT be allowed to continue working with Etihad. 
  • If a breach is detected, the case will be reviewed by Etihad and by Digitas, and following review, we will explain our decision to the affiliate network who will be responsible for actioning the next step.
  • In all cases, breaches are responded to rapidly, and publishers should not expect that they will be given the chance to review their activities before they are removed and their commissions declined.


Contact Details

Affiliates should always feel welcome to approach Digitas (the agency) with any queries they may have. Depending on the arrangements that Digitas has with the affiliate network, queries may be resolved either by the agency team directly, or by the Etihad point of contact at the affiliate network.

The agency can be reached at the email address:

(Digitas is an agency owned by Marketing Agency group – Publicis Groupe).