Affiliates Commissions align with OUR user spending, unlocking the potential for multiple payouts, including rebills. FAIRNESS IS OUR FOCUS !We're a phenomenon ! With 200+ media coverages from BBC News, NBC News, Business Insider, Yahoo News, South Chin


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

120 Days


Hold Period is exactly 30 Days and Affiliates will be Paid FULLY for subscriptions which are completed. Here are some examples :

1st Scenario : Your user subscribes to Premium Membership for 1 Month : Hold Period will be calculated exactly on the Day of Subscription  and after the 30th Day (completion of subscription) , you will get paid fully 

2nd Scenario : Your user subscribes to Premium Membership for 3 Months : The TOTAL Commission for 3 Months will be divided on Monthly Basis and paid EVERY MONTH till completion of the 3 Months Membership, whereby upon completion of 30 Days EVERY month - you will then get paid 


Affiliate Restrictions :

*** Failure to adhere to the below restrictions may lead to your commissions being cancelled and affiliate account banned ***

Affiliates sending fraudulent traffic, or suspected of sending fraudulent traffic, will be immediately expelled from the offer and transactions will be marked as void

Your Commission will be non-payable / non-commissionable if it’s not a completed sale, whereby the subscription/service of Sugarbook had been cancelled/terminated or a refund takes place

1. NO Direct Linking via Paid Advertising to send the user directly to Sugarbook. You will need to use a landing page or website, owned by you to do so.

2. NO Pornographic and overtly sexual nature of contents/ materials/ sites should associated with Sugarbook as your promotional method

3. NO Pop Up / Pop Under banner advertisements / PPV are allowed

4. NO usage of Adware / Spyware / Toolbar Traffic

5. NO Cookie Stuffing and you may only place cookie on your website which the user manually clicks and goes to our site.

6. NO Framing of Sugarbook inside any other site

7. Incentivized traffic, auto-subscriptions, co-registration, fraud or bot traffic, and misleading ads are strictly prohibited

8. You are not allowed to promote Sugarbook via SMS / MMS Traffic

9. Do not promote illegal content or place affiliate links on sites that promote illegal content / breach legal rights

10. Do not promote Affiliate links in Classifieds / Chat Rooms that you do not own

11. Affiliates cannot claim to be an authorized representative or spokesperson for Sugarbook without prior written consent.

12. Sugarbook reserves the right to remove affiliates that are sending low-quality traffic / high clicks low conversions at any time. Sugarbook also reserves the right to charge back for low-quality traffic.

13. Under no circumstance are you allowed to bid on the trademarked name Sugarbook or variations of the trademark, without prior written consent.

*** Submit all custom creatives for review/approval prior to use ***

------ You may also request for existing materials / banners with preferred sizes from your Affiliate Manager ------