OYSHO is an international sport and leisure brand committed to innovation, quality and sustainability.We offer a wide variety of technical collections designed to achieve maximum performance and comfort during sports practice.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

7 Days

Programme benefits

For every transaction associated with your digital assets, and which uses affiliate links, we'll pay you a commission. 
Increased commissions for High Performers.

Cookie length: 

Sale confirmation: 
60 days, as our return period is 30 days.

You'll be provided with text links, logos and editorial banners in different sizes on a regular basis.

Product feed: 
Updated twice a day. During the Spring-Summer season, you will find beachwear, swimwear and sports products, whereas in the Autumn-Winter season, you may find a wide range of sport and free-time products.

Affiliate approval: 
Manual, as we like to get to know you, we go through all applications carefully.
Please, be patient, we will review your application as quickly as possible.

For any questions about the OYSHO Affiliate Program, please contact us at:

Forbidden activities:
Brand Paid search (PPC)
Google & Bing Shopping (PPC)
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Main category links get changed periodically, since they’re related to product replenishment. Please check you’re using the correct URLs with affiliate tracking on a regular basis.