Superdry is an exciting contemporary brand which focuses on high-quality products that fuse vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style.

Primary Region

United States of America


Program Terms



Affiliate Requirements

All affiliates are required to adhere to IAB and Superdry Terms and Conditions. These may be subject to change, but are included below for reference.

Affiliates must always promote Superdry in a positive, relevant manner.

All affiliates who apply to the Superdry affiliate program will be reviewed prior to a decision being reached. You do not have permission to feature Superdry on any sites that are not listed in your original application.

In addition affiliates may not:

  • Put the Superdry website into frames or use masked URLs.
  • Purchase domain names which include the Superdry brand name, registered trademarks, nor any misspells or variations.
  • Alter any of the creative or text links available through Awin interface.
  • Hardcode banners into their site, so updates made to those available through Affiliate Window may take immediate effect.


Voucher codes sites must be IAB compliant to be approved. It is not permitted for affiliates to promote codes that are not issued via the affiliate channel. It is the affiliate’s responsibility to remain up to date, and work in accordance with any changes and/or recommendations. Any site that chooses to promote Superdry and does not behave ethically and/or fails to adhere to the Terms and Conditions may face immediate expulsion of the program, with any pending commissions generated through this behavior withheld or reserved.

Superdry reserve the right to withdraw a coupon code or stop any promotional activity at anytime 


The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its affiliate marketing council (AMC) have established a code of best practice for the use of online Coupon Codes.

Superdry will not work with affiliates who do not comply with the following IAB recommendations:

Code of best practice:

The aim of the IAB’s affiliate marketing council code of best practice for voucher code sites is to ensure that traffic from affiliate sites sent to merchants is not done in a misleading or confusing way and that consumers receive a good user experience. To this end all of the undersigned networks are committed to enforcing the following guidelines:

1. Affiliates must not use a mechanism whereby users are encouraged to click to interact with content where it is unclear or confusing what the outcome will be. For example:

  • Using “click to reveal code” and opening the site when no valid code is present or an offer/deal/sale is presented instead, without this being made clear before the click.
  • Using “click to copy code” and opening the site when no valid code is available
  • Opening the merchant’s site without making it clear that this will occur

2. Coupon code affiliates must clearly detail the nature of the code or offer/deal/sale before a user clicks to interact with it (by revealing, copying, visiting the merchant site etc)

3. A valid code is defined as a code that has been legitimately issued by a merchant for your use online. This code will have an activation date and, where provided, a deactivation date. When a code has expired it must either be removed or the fact that it has expired must be clearly stated in writing, not simply by listing the expiry date.

4. Sites displaying coupon codes must contain clear categorization and separation between deals/offers/sales and coupon codes.

5. Any affiliate judged by one of the participating networks to be contravening the code will be referred to the IAB’s Affiliate Marketing Council and all members will agree on a course of action. The discretion of the council will be used when determining what is judged as misleading or confusing and is not confined to the examples above.


Affiliates must not feature any unauthorised coupon/promotion codes, nor must publishers cite a URL to that coupon/promotion code anywhere on their website.

An unauthorised coupon/promotion code is a code that has not been directly communicated to you via your account manager.

This includes, but is not exhaustive of, any codes you may come across in-store, in offline press, on the Superdry website, nor in a newsletter from Superdry.

Under no circumstances are affiliates allowed to imply that should Superdry have a Sale it is a discount exclusive to them.

Any commissions generated via orders whereby an unauthorised promotion code has been used will be withheld or reversed. Any affiliate found to not be adhering to these terms and conditions may face expulsion from the program, with or without written notice.


  • Affiliates are not permitted to carry out any PPC search activity sending traffic to directly, except by special arrangement
  • Bidding on the brand name (including variations or misspellings of it) is prohibited in all search engines. To ensure you do not appear on these terms, you are required to assign negative matches to brand terms in all search engines.
  • Affiliates are not permitted to bid on brand + generic terms (eg Superdry clothes, Superdry voucher), except by special arrangement
  • Use of the domain and variations is strictly forbidden in any ad copy including display URL
  • Affiliates Must not send traffic through automatic redirects on a webpage
  • No direct linking is allowed under any circumstances
  • Use of the term “official site” in your ad copy is forbidden

The following or any related terms must not be used in reference to Superdry:

  • Sale Bargains
  • Discounted
  • Cheap
  • Clearance
  • End of Range
  • End of Line


All email marketing must be signed off by Superdry and the Awin management team.


All press release content must be signed off by Superdry and the Awin management team before going live on any site. Any press information released prior to approval will be asked to be removed.

If any affiliate is found to be breaking any of the terms above, they will be asked to remove their ad, update the ad content, or lower their bids. Consistent failure to comply with these rules will result in the affiliate being removed from the program and commissions being set to zero. Affiliates who fail to comply with these terms face expulsion from the program and any pending commissions withheld.