A trusted and sought after brand with a loyal customer base. AA Home insurance offers an excellent level of cover with flexible extras to suit your needs.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Attribution rules

  • The AA pays out on a ‘last click wins’ basis. When a customer comes through to the AA site from any source, the string in the URL drops a cookie that contains the source code which is valid for 30 days.
  • If the customer doesn’t obtain a quote the cookie remains active for 30 days, unless another paid source is used the next time the customer comes to the AA site. If this happens the original cookie will be overwritten with a new 30 day cookie with an associated source code.
  • If the customer obtains a quote the quote reference will retain the source code, if they purchase immediately the sale will be tracked with the source code that introduced them to the AA site.
  • If the customer obtains a quote but doesn’t purchase immediately the cookie will remain valid for 30 days, unless it is overwritten by another source. For example, if the customer comes to the AA site via a cash back site but does not purchase immediately and the next time they arrive on the site they come via a natural/organic search route and don’t retrieve a quote, then the sale will be attributed to the natural/organic source code NOT the affiliate source code.  
  • If the customer retrieves a quote at a later date the source code aligned with that quote will remain regardless of the source most recently used to arrive at the site.
  • If a customer re-keys a whole new quote within the 30 day window the most recent method of arriving at the site will be attributed with the latest sales source code.
  • Once a customer completes a successful sale, if they go on to purchase an additional product with the AA, this sale will be seen to be a natural/organic sale and will not be attributed to the source code of the original product purchased.