Ostens was born from our desire to create beautiful fragrances, using the world’s finest ingredients in their purest form. Our debut collection of six carefully crafted Eaux de Parfum each one inspired by a single raw ingredient.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Please note that Ostens are currently only accepting affiliates that have a strong content focus in the verticals of fashion, lifestyle, beauty, home, travel and food.  This is so that we can have greater control of our branding within the affiliate channel.

  • Ostens do not work with discount code affiliates.
  • Ostens do not work with cashback websites.
  • Ostens do not work with voucher and deal sites. Any sites found to be running voucher codes not specifically authorised by the Ostens team will not be compensated for any sales and will be removed from the program completely if codes are not removed within 24 hours of removal request.

Publisher Applications

We process publisher applications on a weekly basis and aim to either accept or decline an application within 7 days of the application date, therefore if you have not received a response after7 days of applying then please do let us know.


Ostens do not pay commission on VAT and Delivery Charges, therefore the revenue tracked within the AWIN interface will show total price minus VAT and Delivery Charges.

Tenancy Payments:

Affiliates must raise any queries over missing tenancies, bonuses, or transactions with Awin and/or Ostens within 6 months of the transaction date or start of the tenancy period. Any queries raised after this time will not be paid out.

Prohibited Practices:

The Affiliate shall not use or create any content, or link to a website that uses any content, that:

  • contains, libelous, defamatory, obscene, abusive, or illegal materials;
  • is invasive of any privacy and/or publicity rights;
  • infringes third party intellectual property rights;
  • violates any law or which is otherwise reasonably objectionable;
  • is a "flog" (a.k.a. "fake blog" or a "flack blog"), defined as a promotional blog posing as a non-promotional, unbiased source of information; or
  • appears to be unbiased journalism when in fact it is part of a marketing campaign.