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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Partners who join the affiliate programme must comply with the following conditions:



To join our programme we will need to approve your website. We are looking for partners in line with our goals and values. We reserve the right to discontinue the activity or refuse participation in the programme at any time. 



You can use the creatives and links provided by and included in the programme. The modification or alteration of banners, logos or links is NOT permitted. We are available to provide new creatives or formats if requested or to approve proposed solutions. Everything must be submitted before publication, writing to: (



Brand, product or generic PPC activities connected to our site and all the products therein are not permitted in any way. If orders are generated deriving from search engine campaigns, these will not be considered valid and we will proceed to interrupt the collaboration with the partner.


Remarketing and retargeting activities are prohibited.

Posting offensive or discriminatory content, political, pornographic, erotic references or information dangerous to people's health is prohibited.

For publishers who post content on social networks, posts or stories, they must report in the hashtags (#) that they are ads #ad.

We reserve the right to block advertisers from posting content that does not comply with brand guidelines.



The advertiser may only use the promotional codes, coupons, provided by in the AWIN programme. Transactions generated with coupons that are unauthorised or not provided for by the AWIN programme will not be considered or attributed to the partner. 

It is not permitted to promote, share or communicate promotions or promotional codes other than those expressly provided for by the programme and authorised by



Before confirming the commissions, reserves the right to check and validate the conversions and to pay only those that have been created in accordance with the general conditions.

Orders (valid registration of users on the website or app) are subject to a verification process according to internal criteria and key performance indicators., therefore, reserves the right to refuse payment of commissions on cancelled and returned orders. 

Validation will take place no later than 45 days from the transaction and only valid last-click conversions will be remunerated. In the event of a violation, the advertiser reserves the right to cancel all ongoing transactions until the violation is confirmed and to terminate the partnership without notice.

​In the event of a violation of our terms and/or brand guidelines, the collaboration may be suspended. For any questions, please contact (