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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Conditions of participation


In addition to the general conditions of participation of the affiliate network, the following conditions of participation apply to our partner programme:


1. Partner admission: The partner will not place the hyperlinks on websites that contain or associate the following content: Politics, eroticism, pornography, weapons, violence, glorification of violence, drugs and content relevant to criminal law. The Partner warrants that its website(s) are not associated with such content or used in such contexts.


2. Exclusion of websites: We reserve the right to exclude websites / Partners, in particular in the event of violations of applicable law and in particular in the event of conclusion of own Partner programmes, in the event of poor accessibility of the Partner pages (in particular in the event of above-average long loading times, frequent non-accessibility, etc.), incomplete page content, pages which set links to pornographic content and content glorifying violence, pages which primarily contain competitions and pages which contain offers for banner exchange.


3. The partners must observe the copyright and trademark law of Bergzeit GmbH. The use of the advertising material provided is only permitted within the framework of the partner programme. The name "Bergzeit" or word combinations containing this name may not be used in the header of the HTML page or as a domain name. This also applies to words and descriptions which are spelt similarly to the name "Bergzeit" or sound similar (so-called typo domains).


4. Remuneration: The partner receives remuneration under the commission model stored in the affiliate network. Commissions are paid on the net turnover of a valid order within the affiliate programme. For individual arrangements, please contact us at:


5. Vouchers: Only those approved for the affiliate programme may be used as vouchers/premium codes (see advertising material). Print vouchers from newspapers and magazines are excluded from use. They may not be publicly placed on the Internet without written permission. Sales generated in connection with these voucher codes will be automatically cancelled by Bergzeit and will not be remunerated unless Bergzeit has given written permission. No commission will be paid on gift vouchers.


6. Keyword buying/SEM keyword marketing is prohibited, as is bidding on the brand "Bergzeit" in the same or similar spelling and word combinations and bidding on the brands of direct competitors. We hereby prohibit you from using the keyword "Bergzeit" in broad, phrase and exact in your SEM campaigns, as well as the use of any misspellings in all match types.


7. CSS PLA Ads: Shopping ads may only be placed after consultation and written approval.

8. Advertising Media: Only the advertising media provided by Bergzeit may be used. Images and text materials may only be changed with the express permission of Bergzeit. It is not permitted to use the Bergzeit data feed outside of one's own website (on third-party platforms such as Google Shopping).


9. Postview: The advertising of the Bergzeit partner programme via postview, i.e. the setting of the Bergzeit direct cookie as soon as the advertising material is displayed, is not permitted. All sales generated via this technique will be cancelled.


10. Liability: The partners indemnify Bergzeit GmbH against any claims made by third parties against Bergzeit GmbH due to behaviour attributable to the partners. Without prejudice to legal injunctive relief, claims for damages and other claims, Bergzeit GmbH is entitled to a contractual penalty of 5,000 EUR for each case of contravention of competition, copyright, name or trademark law.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Status: 01.09.2021