Connected247 or C247 for short, is the online retail arm of Eurostar Global Electronics Ltd, one of the largest Mobile Phone Disbutors in the UK.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


C247 will pay commission solely based on a completed sale.

Sales must be made by the end customer and not a 3rd party intermediary.

  • Sim Free Mobile Phones £3 - (Tactically much higher commission rates for some product offerings)
  • Tablets - 1%
  • Accessories 2%
  • Wearables - 2%
  • Sim only (30-days) £5
  • Sim Only (12m) £10
  • GiffGaff Sim £0

C247.COM may increase the prospective Commission rate on 30 Business Days' notice to Publishers by using the Interface or by written request to the Company personnel. Commissions and Bonuses applicable to past Actions or other historic marketing activity will not be varied.

Tracking Period 30 days post click

Validation Period 60 days to ensure commission isn’t paid out for fraudulent sales / change of mind sales.