We provide real solutions to everyday equine health problems, carefully sourcing the highest quality ingredients from specific, expert farmers. We produce consistently safe, natural equine health supplements that you can trust. Every time.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Terms and Conditions


To join us we'll need to approve your website, we are looking for like-minded partners with great websites that customers find easy to use, they need to be managed well and kept up to date.

These guidelines are general and we reserve the right to make exceptions. We will cease to work with sites that do not adhere to our program terms and affiliate best practices.

*Payment has to clear in order for the commission to be awarded

PPC Policy:

The program has a restricted keyword policy. Affiliates are not allowed to bid/appear on brand-related keywords (Global Herbs, global herbs) or any variations of the term including the URL in all search engines.

Brand Guidelines

Affiliates must adhere to our brand guidelines and not alter our logo in any way (see the brand guidelines for further details). Affiliates should use the graphics created by Global Herbs, if the affiliate would like to create their own graphic they must be approved by Global Herbs before use.